Winter problems for Taylor

Posted: 25th November 2014 by in Journal
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So winter is here in full swing, which opens up another door of obstacles for Taylor and getting  to and from places.

1.   Snow and ice on any type of incline introduces an extremely slippery path.

2. Once Taylor goes inside, after walking around outside in the snow, his snows are still wet and slippery.  He never takes off his shoes (that would be a nightmare of a chore to do without hands) So his wet shoes get the floors wet and provides another slipping hazard.

3.  Taylor hates wearing coats (or long sleeves for that matter) because it is another layer to put on over his prosthetics.  Plus, he is always hot, so instantly when we get inside he wants to take off the cumbersome jacket.  He has to get the sleeve on his left side modified so it isn’t hanging low and he needs the end of his left nub exposed because that is his only limb that isn’t covered with carbon fiber.  He used his left nub to use his phone and to work all touch screens.


These are just a few issues that come up every winter.  I ask anyone and everyone who reads this if they have any advice for:

1.  How to keep traction

2.  How to dry off shoes when coming inside (besides stomping around or standing on a rug until they dry)

3.  Any ideas on coats, long sleeves… any modifications you think would work particularly well?  Or material that will slide over his right hand prosthetic without getting caught up or tangled?


Again, Any and All help is greatly appreciated!!





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