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The skies let loose this weekend.  It either rained or snowed all weekend long, which was a blessing in disguise in a way.  It forced us to lay low and get some stuff done around the apartment: packing, school work, cleaning and organizing.

To avoid cabin fever we couldn’t stay in all weekend. Friday night we headed to a friends for a housewarming party (lucky!! They moved out of the hospital this past week) and Saturday we went to an all you can eat crab legs.  It was my first time actually cracking the shells and extracting the meat; good thing Taylor is a good teacher.  He told me some good techniques.  With his knowledge and my hands, we ate like kings!

Looking forward to this week at the hospital… we have an appointment Wednesday.  They said it would take two weeks to get the results back.  Those results will either call for another appointment 🙁 or our ticket home!  I know we want to finish out our stay with accurate and complete files/documents but we this seems to be never ending. Taylor and I were talking today, it seems like we have been telling people in 2-3 weeks we would be leaving the hospital for home since the first of the year and we are still saying the infamous 2-3 ETA.  Lets see what Wednesday’s appointment brings.



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