Wheelchair Rugby

Posted: 31st January 2013 by in Journal

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Today was back to back to back appointments, one of them being an appointment with a decked out hard core wheelchair, volleyball, and a basketball court. That’s right wheelchair rugby! Our occupational therapist asked us if we wanted to check out one of wheelchair rugby team’s practices. Taylor wasn’t sold on the idea until our occupational therapists finished saying that he didn’t have to come to our normal morning appointment, so he could sleep in. I’m pretty sure she could have made him agree with anything at that point, all Taylor heard was he would be able to sleep in.

This afternoon when it was time to walk over to the gym, Taylor anticipated that we would check it out for a half hour or so then we would move on to our next appointment.

Things didn’t work out exactly the way Taylor anticipated. He didn’t just watch, he got in a chair to try it out and get after it. When it came time to leave for our next appointment, I yelled his name from the sideline louder and louder until he finally left the world of wheelchair rugby and acknowledge my voice. Still he told me to wait a few minutes until the next break. I think he liked it!!

We will definitely have to figure out a system that will allow Taylor to move around the court in a speedier fashion and a way to catch/control the ball. I’m sure these improvements will happen all in due time.



  1. Ann Gallacher says:

    Hi Taylor and Danielle,
    Yes, all Taylor needs are a few modifications and he’ll be playing w/c sports like a pro! Taylor have you thought about playing sledge hockey? It’s huge up here in Canada and the guys love that it’s fast moving and physical!! In fact after watching your videos and your progress which I have to mention is outstanding I can see you becoming an elite athlete and sledge hockey just might be your forté. All the Best!!

  2. Anna says:

    Hey guys. You are just AWESOME. I follow you since November. And each day I admire you more and more. You are my inspirational dose of day.
    Greetings from Armenia (Caucasus)

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