What I know about my son

Posted: 30th August 2012 by in Journal

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He’s shy most of the time . . . except for when he’s not.
He’s a very humble guy . . . except for when he thinks he’s got an incredible idea . . . then . . . he’s not humble because he KNOWS it’s an amazing idea.
He doesn’t like being the center . . . don’t stare . . . just ask . . . he loves to teach about his “stuff”
He’s not a big talker – except for the few times you can’t shut him up.
He will fall . . . his knees have a slow fall mechanism – so most of the time it will be gentle . . . unless he’s got some momentum – that’s when you hope he has his “arms” on – OR you have someone is near him.
He wants to do things by himself . . . unless he asks for help.
He’s dreading coming home and yet he can’t wait.
He’s such a dichotomy – aren’t we all. 🙂

And he can get up . . . and sometimes he needs help

And did I tell you he’s shy most of the time . . . I would guess today he will be.



  1. Terri McNeal says:

    What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I can tell your heart swells, as only a parents can. You’ve be one of Taylor’s loved ones that are holding the string to his kite as this tornado of life is upon him..helping him stay…
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Jane McGill says:

    I would imagine that for Taylor, who is shy (except when he’s not 🙂 that having this part of his life exposed for the world to see has to be hard. And yet, by allowing people into his life, Taylor is doing more to educate the world on not only what it’s like to be a quadruple amputee, but on the amazing things science and medical research are doing to bring some semblance of his former life back to him. But most importantly, we get to see that innate will to live, that drive to succeed that God gave us, fully on display in Taylor. We also get to see in you Juli, and in Danielle, and the rest of his family and friends, what it means to have unwavering support during a time of challenge like this. I thank you Taylor for saying yes to this.

    From a very personal viewpoint, your story has been invaluable to me as insight into the human spirit. I am back in college getting a masters in counseling specializing in PTSD, especially as it affects our military. I am learning from you. Thank you and from one vet to another, I salute you.


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