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IMG_8447What have we been up to this year besides work, school, wedding plans, and house plans…??

We have planning the fourth annual Glow Stick 5k.

Background and history of the event:

Taylor Morris was born and raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa. After high school he joined the U.S. Navy. During his deployment to Afghanistan in 2012, Taylor stepped on an IED resulting in the loss of all four limbs. The Cedar Valley Community rallied behind Taylor throughout his entire recovery process. In 2012, the first Glow Stick 5K was created to help raise money for Taylor. Around 400 people gathered together on a pitch black rainy night to light up the night with glow sticks and run a 5K for Taylor!

Taylor and his then long-term girlfriend, Danielle, (now fiancé) were humbled by the amount of support they had received and was inspired by the amazing people that make up the Cedar Valley. They wanted to continue fun event but shift the focus of the event to give back to the community.


Anyone from the community could nominate someone they find inspiring. A week before the race, the nominees stories are shared and the community votes on whom they find most inspiring. The voted most inspirational nominee, wins ALL THE PROCEEDS! Proceeds are raised through race registration, t-shirt, and merchandise sales. The entire event is put on through volunteer efforts and donated supplies to keep our expense account to an extreme minimum and give back in the biggest way!

Second Annual- When Taylor and Danielle decided they wanted to give back to other inspiring people around the community, it prompted the second annual Taylor Morris Glow Stick 5K; Inspired to Pay It Forward!

  • 600 participants from the community rallied together
  • $8000 was raised for Sing Me to Heaven; a non-profit to assist in children’s funeral expenses
  • Sing Me to Heaven turned around and gave $2000 to the second place nominee Sue Spece, in an effort to help build a home for her three handicap adult children.

Third Annual- Glow Stick 5K; Help Us, Help Someone Else!

  • 700 participant from the community rallied together
  • $7000 was raised for Lily Grace, a 1- year old that suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
  • Lily’s family turned around and split the proceeds evenly with the top four nominees!

Mission of the race:

The mission of the Glow Stick 5k is to bring the community together to celebrate those who have been pillars of inspiration within the Cedar Valley.

We need your help!

Our Glow Stick 5k team is passionate about putting on a fun event that will honor one of our own by being able to give back in the biggest way possible. This is where we ask your assistance.

We want to grow each year and give back more to those deserving members of our community.  We want percentage of proceeds to reach the hand of those who inspire our community to be the wholesome, hardworking, loyal individuals that make up the Midwest.

In order to continue our mission to honor those within our community, we need the help and support from you! We invite you to join our mission.

If you are local (or close to Cedar Falls, Iowa):

Please visit www.GlowStick5k.com to sign up for the race SEPTEMBER 4th!

If you are too far away to be there physically, visit www.GlowStick5k.com to donate to these inspiring nominees! They definitely deserve it.

Thank you!

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Glow Stick 5K Team



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