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Hey All! It’s me, Ben! I’m just stopping by to update you on a few things…

We recently had a blogger make a post about Taylor and Danielle’s story (again!) and it’s gone viral! CLICK TO CHECK IT OUT! This is causing some technical difficulties to our website and I just wanted to assure you that we’re doing everything we can to make the site stay up and running! We spoke with our hosting technician and they said we’ve already had over 2 million hits this month on the site and that they were working to fix the website crashing issue! Insane!

So with that being said, welcome to all the new fans of Taylor and Danielle! We are glad to have you become part of #TeamTaylor!

I am just T&D’s nerd friend who helps out behind the scenes with the website, videos, and social media… so with that being said, I encourage you all to check us out on all of our other platforms which we update often! Subscribe, follow, and suggest to your friends to do the same! I’m obsessed with seeing our online community grow and am constantly watching the statistics, so this is always fun for me 🙂

Below are links to each platform! Drop a line and let us know if you just started following! Have a good day!!!

– Ben

1.) YouTube! Subscribe to us here and make sure to drop a comment!!! http://www.YouTube.com/TaylorMorrisRecovery

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2.) Facebook! Follow us and comment on our posts/Share anything you think is cool! http://www.Facebook.com/TaylorMorrisCommunitySupport

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3.) Twitter! Follow us and Tweet at us! Let us know you’re watching! http://www.Twitter.com/TayMorrisNews

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4.) Instagram! Follow Taylor and Danielle’s Instagram pages!!! http://www.Instagram.com/Danielle_Kelly221 and http://www.Instagram.com/TayMorrisNews

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