We need your help!

Posted: 22nd April 2015 by in Journal
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Taylor and I have been working on house plans for quite some time.  We are so so so so so excited to start the build process and finally be in our forever home.  We are excited to be out of limbo, have our personal items out of boxes and out of storage, and finally be 100% settled.

We are beyond ready and so excited to have the house built but we also want to perfect everything since it will be our forever home.  In saying this we have changed the floor plans a dozen plus times.  Tweaked this, moved that way, and adjusted the flow of that room.

We want to recuit you all to help in the process.  This is our first time building a house, we don’t know everything and are open to any suggestions and feedback from everyones experiences.

Please tell us some of your favorite features out of homes that you have lived in?  Outlets in the floor? Double from door?  Color pallets?  Kitchen island with sink?  Anything and everything that you can suggest that you think would be useful to us during the build, we would gladly appreciate!!

Comment below with all your suggestions or favorite home features!!  Thanks everyone!



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