-- Download Walter Reed Amputees reaching out to the Boston Marathon Amputees as PDF --

After seeing devastation a week ago at the Boston Marathon. We knew we wanted to do something. Taylor and a few other amputees at the hospital (Timothy Brown, Joseph Deslauriers, Johnny Joseph Jones, Mark Burleson, Mark Lytel, and James Sides) got together in hopes to reach out to the Boston injured… real talk from one amputee to another. With a secondary goal of bring awareness to the amount of help these civilian amputees will need for the rest of their lives. PLEASE WATCH but more importantly please lend a helping hand to these undeserving victims!!



  1. Taylor Danielle & Vet Friends,
    Thank you for all the Service & Sacrifice U have given in the Military. Each and every one of your STORIES WITH POSITIVELY ABLED Action will spread Light & Hope in the Darkest Hours to the Hurting People in Boston. You all can truly inspire them from your knowledge & history!Heard a gal patient with her Doctor on CNN today say that it was because of other amputee Vets & Accident people who came & Shared their Stories made the difference for her to stay positive and be able to have the courage to go ahead with the amputation below the knee; instead of trying to salvage the foot & ankle in reconstruction, which would have limited her abilities and probably still have much pain. She was very grateful you all came in to share your circumstances. She said after that she had no struggle what was the right course of action for her circumstance! Way to go guys, hope your Video WiLL be on TV Nation Wide..All we need is how & to Where we can all legitimately Donate to Help them…please post it in your Journal if it’s allowed. Keep up the Inspirational Sharing…We love you all…You All are the True American Treasure!!!!

  2. jennifer says:

    When I first heard about the amputations in Boston, I thought “If these people can have an attitude like Taylor’s, they’ll be ok.” Amazing video, I’m off to the website to make a donation now.

  3. Sunee says:

    Pretty amazing. I’m very proud of all of you guys.

  4. Tabatha says:

    Total Facebook share!!!

     · I’ve been following Taylor’s progress for awhile now. He’s a great inspiration in rising to challenges that life hands you with a fabulous attitude. ♥ Love you guys and keeping you in my prayers. You’re destined to make a difference in someone’s life.

  5. Diane Flynn says:

    How wonderfully kind of our military amputees to give their support to the bomb victims in Boston. How comforting your words and bravery must mean to these victims of such a cowardly act in our country. God bless America!

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