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As you’ve read, we had a great weekend back in Virginia Beach! It was refreshing to be able to see our friends.
We spent all day Sunday doing work around the house. Taylor and I would often fill our weekends with projects around the house. We loved working in the yard and having productive days. This is exactly what we did on Sunday, we got so much down.
-Mowed the grass
– Weeded and sprayed round up in the garden
– Raised the air conditioner off the ground and laid rock around it
– Washed the jeep and motorcycles. Then took pictures of the motorcycles to put on up for sale  It makes me sad to see them go. We loved our nightly rides. Let us know if you are interested in a crotch rocket or Harley Davidson; so much fun!!
– Painted a few things around the house
– Vacuumed, Dusted, Laundry, Dished
-BATHROOMS!! Wowzas the build up after a few months of neglect
It felt good to get so much accomplished and to leave the house nice and clean! After working up an appetite we grabbed a bite to eat at Five Guys with a few of our friends. Then we hit the road. We were able to make it back to the hospital without hitting any traffic in a little over 3 hours; a big difference from our 6+ hour drive down on Friday.
Taylor was eager to wake up this morning and start working with his new legs. He described his legs like a new video game that you want to keep playing until you master it. After doing a few runs on the parallel bars; Taylor headed out to the track. Around the workout room there is a track on the ceiling that supports a harness. It allows people to practice new legs without someone holding on to them and without the fear of face planting. Taylor did awesome once he was out of the parallel bars. He barley used the harness for support as he walked a few laps around the track. He loved knowing how much he was doing on his own and the areas where he used assistance from the harness. It was a learning experience for him. Once we finished Taylor’s PT session and we were on our way over to the café for lunch, Taylor told me everything felt good but he needs more time in the legs to build trust. Lets start logging some time on knees!

Tomorrow the rest of Taylor’s team comes home and we are so excited that everyone else will be safe and sound on US soil within 24 hours! Our plan is to wake up, work on the legs, then head to welcome everyone home! I have a feeling this trip will be bitter sweet as well… it’s hard to believe where life takes you. Taylor’s team had a running competition of who could grow the longest beard and hair throughout the deployment (hints the caveman look Taylor has been rocking). We will be sure to let everyone know how Taylor weighted in. After the competition is over, we have been talking about cutting the hair. It is beginning to become a bit unmanageable during workout and the shedding is out of control. What’s everyone thoughts on making the next step the barber shop?



  1. Suzie Shipman says:

    Taylor and Danielle…you are both so amazing. We, your journal followers, are so blessed to have a regular update on your progress. I imagine there are thousands of us out here that check in on you daily and are so pleased to see the progress you are both making. I know it must be difficult to find time in your day to write in the journal, but we sure appreciate it. So many prayers coming your way.

    A big vote for the movie star handsome Taylor, short hair and no beard. It’s hard to see his beautiful face with all the macho beard. Can’t wait to see if he wins the contest.

    God bless you guys and your families.

  2. Tim Owens says:


    AWESOME to see Taylor advancing. Could you send me info on the bikes. I may be interested.

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