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Taylor is going to be in a wedding this Saturday. We were fitted for his tux several months ago to ensure everything would be ready on time. A couple days ago, I received an email that the tux was ready. Awesome everything worked out and Taylor will be standing up with all the other groomsmen supporting the groom…
WRONG! They must had taken the wrong measurements or ordered the wrong sizes. The pants were too long and WAY too wide. If you want a visual think of the baggiest pair of sweat pants you could wear with the draw string pulled as tight as possible so they didn’t fall to the ground. Everything else we ordered fit this same standard. The dress shirt, vest, suit jacket were all sized to fit a short, WIDE stature!!

I told Taylor that the pants and the dress shirt were all black, which we have, so he could always wear the black dress pants and dress shirt he already has. He kept saying, I want to look like all the other groomsmen but I feel stupid in this baggie, gangster suit that was ordered for me. After the tailor stopped trying to tell us it was the right fit for Taylor, he started apologizing.
These were the options the tailor gave us:
-We could purchase a fitted suit to match the other groomsmen
-We could wear what was ordered because “it doesn’t look that bad”
– Or he could put in an order for a new tux that will fit better. The only thing is the tux would get in the morning of the wedding. We would have to drive 45 minutes to the closest store and hope everything works out in the fitting department. Then hope that we get back to the wedding venue in time for Taylor to be apart of all the pre-wedding pictures and festivities.

We went with option two. Fingers crossed we everything works out in our favor.



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