Things have changed this time back.

Posted: 26th February 2013 by in Journal

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Taylor and I got back to the hospital Sunday from our visit back home. We both had so much fun! Taylor with the boys and me with all my girls. After reuniting we jumped from one subject to the next, back to another. We were both so excited to hear what the other did. As easy as it is for us both to sleep on planes, we didn’t miss a blink the entire way back to DC; just chatted, laughed, and exchanged kisses (we had a week to make up for!)
Monday back at the hospital was our typical catch up with everyone at the hospital, go to a million and one appointments, pick up the bulk of mail and write the appropriate thank you’s, go through emails, return phone calls…
There were a few things that altered our typical return from a vacation.
1. We didn’t have any prosthetics break over our time away form the hospital!!! So no emergency trip to the prosthetic lab…the hours add up quickly for these emergency trips.
2. Before this trip home one of Taylor’s big goals was to work on putting on ALL of his prosthetics EVERY morning by HIMSELF! This goal was slow moving. I would nudge Taylor to wake up time after time, reminding him he needed to allow enough time to assemble himself. Taylor is not a morning person and has little motivation when the alarm rings. With me constantly nagging him to get up, he would wait until 15 minutes before his first appointment to finally start the process of waking up; leaving little to no time to get ready and down to the hospital in time for OT. I think spending the week apart while in Iowa was extremely beneficial. It forced Taylor to find a system to accomplish this goal.
This was blatantly obvious come Sunday night when Taylor set his own alarm clock (he never did this before) for an hour before his first appointment. Even bigger shocker (drum roll…) he woke up immediately upon the sharp noise of the alarm clock and started his process of putting on his arms and legs. He did everything 100% on his own! You wouldn’t believe how much time this freed up. We weren’t running out with the door, 10 minutes late with a granola in hand. We were EARLY with breakfast already eaten! HUGE CHANGE!!! HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!!
3. I tried to keep up with the laundry while back home, so we only had a small load to finish before being completely unpacked.
4. Thank God for all of the above because for some reason by back was in excruciating pain! I was ready for a good night sleep after only getting 4 hours the night before but my body had other plans. I was woken up by this overwhelming pain around 4:30 in the morning and couldn’t get back to bed. Taylor gave me his best back massage but we decided it is time to see a professional, time to visit a chiropractor.
5. We definitely don’t normally have down time on our first day back after being away from the hospital for a week but like I said there were a few changes from our typical return day. This time we had enough time to afford a nap!!



  1. Aaawww, absence made the HEART-Appreciate & GROW-Fonder for eachother, love it! I know what U mean about your Back & Body Pains after bouts of Traveling and meeting Appointment-Medical deadlines messing with your SLEEP HOURS. Seems like sustained nights under 5-6 hours brings on a Deluge of hurting eyes, Joint & Muscle pain. A good lesson learned early on in order to go the Distance. So amazing what U two have learned & figured out, on so many LEVEL’s in less than a YEAR! U guys really HAVE IT!!!! Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…can’t wait to see the Video & Pic’s…

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