The Circle of Love

Posted: 28th August 2012 by in Journal

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On Thursday – when Taylor and Danielle leave for Iowa – I’m going with them. Only thing is – I’m leaving for good for the most part. I’ve been dreading this day – knowing that it was coming and yet avoiding thinking about it. Yes, I will come back – to check in – and fill in – but like everyone else that comes here – I don’t want to leave. There’s too much to learn and marvel at in a place like this. Molly says when I get home I will look at everyone and see missing limbs . . . I wonder if I will. I know I will miss the day-to-day activities – the grind, the adventure, the learning – it all!

What I’ve loved the best: Being with my son – being there when he needs me and when he doesn’t. Tending, coddling, serving, watching out for, listening for, brainstorming ideas, etc. Watching him progress, struggle and perfect skills. Taking videos so that we can share progress with you. Spending time with Danielle – keeping an eye on her – so that she doesn’t get overly exhausted and meeting great people.
I’ll miss walking everywhere – public transportation – Bethesda – exploring – and eventually after I’ll be home for more than a week – I’ll probably even miss Rock Bottom’s nacho’s (which I ate waaaaaay too often).

Which leads me to what I WON’T miss. The room G6 at the Navy Lodge! AND Over-eating, over-drinking and my lack of structure and discipline – oh dang – those are the same things I won’t miss when I’m at home. 🙂

I know that Danielle and Taylor will be fine – I know it’s time for me to go – Taylor is up on knees – and that was my plan.

So where I am now – I am sending myself away – and injecting myself back in. And the funny part is – while talking with my two kids I live with when I’m at home – the ones that have been running the place since I’ve been gone – they were teasing me – “Ma – don’t come home! We’re digging having this space all to ourselves. We’re fine – can’t you go to Florida and hang with Dad now?” LOL – I tell ya – they’re living in the lap of luxury! 🙂

So on Thursday – I’ll be in the center of my circle of love – leaving one side – and not yet arriving at the other – and the great thing is I am not lost – as long as I’m within my circle of love. Sometimes it’s so BIG – I can’t see either side – but the good thing is – I know the space – it’s familiar and I know that love is all around me.

Note to Riley and Claire – make sure the lawn is mowed, the house is dusted and vacuumed – the dishwasher is unloaded, the garage is swept, the laundry is done – you know how I like it. 🙂

It’s been great to have Dan here again – he leaves for Cedar Falls tomorrow and we’ll follow on Thursday. I cannot thank enough the people that take care of us here – and made sure that Dan got here in time for the awarding of the Bronze Star. (Thank you Master Chief Tony of – Navy Safe Harbor and Janine from the Semper fi organization – who help us over and over again.)

Back to Taylor tomorrow . . .



  1. Scott Martinson says:

    Juli, Im’ sure your force field can travel through mountains. Good work Mom.

  2. Terri McNeal says:

    Have a safe are a Mom that inspires us all! Your children are blessed!

    P.S. I love that you also do what we call “doing the Mom thing” at our home..dishwasher, mow the lawn..etc..
    you make me smile : )

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