Taylor’s Beloved Returns & DC

Posted: 19th August 2012 by in Journal

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On Saturday – Taylor slept late again . . . I love it when he does that!
Then Tim and Riley came over and they prepared to go pick up Danielle at the airport. Taylor donned his legs with knees and the dressiest clothes he had. I didn’t go along – so that I could clean up their apt – always nice to come home to a picked up place. Hopefully Tim caught some of that reunion on film – I know Taylor was happy – because he was whistling. Nothing like having his beloved back! 🙂

Then it was off to DC – to find clothes for the upcoming wedding. We were told if Taylor got one size bigger he could fit pants over this prosthetics – this worked – and boy did he look handsome! Then to the lawn so Tim could take some more pics.




DC – She Loves Her Man



A little excitement while we were there – we think the President’s helicopters flew over.

Then to town – dinner and they started on the Borne Identity series – as they’re going to the theater this weekend to see the 4th one.



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