-- Download Taylor take a trip with the boys to the Patriots game! as PDF --


The owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, with Taylor Morris , Travis Mills, and Bo Reichenbach on the field before the game!

The boys bundled up with their Patriots gears to keep warm on the 6 degree freezing night as they watch the game. Meanwhile Danielle Kelly, Kelsey Mills, and Lacy Reichenbach had a girls night complete with sushi and a movie!

Thank you Patriots for taking the time to honor these brave soldiers!1458699_208268919357530_1476637796_n

This was the first time Taylor went on an overnight trip solo with other boys from the hospital.  Normally, I do all the packing and unpacking for our trips.  This time around Taylor did everything 100% on his own.  I was surprised when Taylor postponed our movie night to grab a bag to pack his clothes, prosthetic necessities, and other overnight amenities.  Then next morning, he threw in some other last minute items and all three boys piled into the van and headed to the airport.

The other wives asked me if Taylor bought a coat because they knew how cold it was going to be and I couldn’t help but say proudly, “I have no idea what is packed, Taylor did it on his own.”  I figured, if he ends up being chilly at the game, he has his credit card to buy a game time sweat shirt… he can take care of himself 🙂 Proud of him for continuing to push on and gain more and more independence!



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