Taylor stood!!!

Posted: 25th June 2012 by in Journal

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Today Taylor stood up on his left prosthetic!! Such an exciting event! Between the physical therapist, ortho, wound care, and our main doctor the time line for this event was continuing fluctuating.  We were waiting for all parties to sign off on it, when we were pleasantly surprised by the action to get it down today.

Today during OT we decided to work on car transfers, since this weekend’s transfers were a little shakey.  I ran back to the hotel to get Taylor’s jeep so we could practice on the car that we will actually be using.  We practiced getting in and out of the car from all directions; we definitely feel like we have a method to our madness now.  I ran the car back to the hotel parking lot, while Taylor and Juli went to finish up some OT things and run by prosthetic lab to try on Taylor’s mold they were working on.  The plan was to meet back up in the hospital room.  But as I should have already figured out…plans change.  Juli called me and told me they were going to have Taylor stand up and to hurry back to the MATC.  I literally ran from across base at the Navy Lodge to the MATC.  By the time I got to where Juli and Taylor were I was a sweaty but I made it.  They put on his molding (which they had just anchored on a foot “leg” and a prosthetic foot) and stood him up between two hand rails.  Since Taylor doesn’t have his hands to support himself, his physical therapist was on one side and I was on the other to help with support and stability.  I would estimate we helped for maybe a minute or two before Taylor said he wanted to see if he could stand on his own.  He wanted to know how balance he was and how much weight he could withstand on his nub.  He did awesome…surprise, surprise.  He was able to withstand the weight and didn’t sway back and forth.  He was steady as ox!

I was so excited and proud of him.  I know Juli saw this as a huge milestone! Taylor on the other hand was disappointed he could have his other leg on.  He wanted to be able to stand on both legs. He wanted to be able to equalize his weight amongst both leg. And he wanted to see how it felt for to try to walk.

I know he wanted to do more but I also know it felt good to be perpendicular and stand straight up.  They warned Taylor that the first time people stand it typically very uncomfortable and could cause a significant amount of pain.  Taylor reported a little discomfort and not much pain.  Personally, I think he could have had all the pain in the world and he wouldn’t have reported it due to everything being masked by the excitement of this milestone…TAYLOR STANDING!!



  1. John says:

    Awesome news! Im really glad youre progressing and keeping your positive attitude. Make sure you Keep Calm and Chive On.

  2. James Kothenbeutel says:

    I work with his cousin Vilas down here in Bedford.

  3. Jodie Mayne says:

    Congratulations Taylor. keep up the great work. I am praying for you and a speedy recovery. Cedar falls is behind you all the way!

  4. Rita D Truex says:

    WOW taylor and Team! So cool….keep up the awesome progress!

  5. As an amputee, from a hit and run west of Cedar Falls on October of last year, we are all so proud of what you are doing!!! You are an amazing person. I o ly lost one leg below knee so you are an inspiration to me. Whenever you get back to Cedar Falls tell Clark's to set you up with us for our meetings. We would all love to meet you.

  6. Kathy Asbury says:

    I'm so proud of you Taylor I'm crying, as a mom would. You and God have got this! I'm praying for you along with all my church and prayer partners-together we can lick anything. Keep your head high…

  7. Ana Ward says:

    It is wonderful, but I would be more surprised if Taylor didn't give it his all, since that is what he has been doing with Danielle's true love. I admire them both so much.

  8. Susan Warren says:

    I'll be over there tomorrow for our rounds…hope we run into each other but I know there is much going on and that late in the morning you all will most likely be out and about! 🙂

  9. Susan Warren says:

    That is fantastic news…..sounds like Taylor is being Taylor…..up to any challenge and wanting more…….great news…and we know it will just keep getting better! Hard not to sit here with a big smile!

  10. Mindy Abraham says:

    Aww congrats :').

  11. Igrewupin CedarFalls says:

    Wow! CF is behind you and very happy for this milestone.

  12. Samantha Smith says:

    Congratulations how exciting for you guys!

  13. What a surprise to turn on hear about Taylor standing. God is with him! Nothing could have stopped him on this journey. What a man! You go!

  14. Eunice Evans says:

    Taylor what an awesome young man you are. You are the example of someone with self determination and doing everything as soon as possible. I am so very proud of you. Praying that God will be right there with you and make every step with you. Thank you for serving our country and the sacrifice you gave.

  15. Ann Junker Zinda says:

    I bet he's excited and so are those of us watching him in amazement.

  16. I know he won't let anything slow him down

  17. Mary Holland says:

    FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work, Taylor! We're all cheering for you.

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