Taylor broke his knee

Posted: 29th July 2014 by in Journal

-- Download Taylor broke his knee as PDF --

When we were flying from Vegas, Taylor slipped which completely twisted his left knee outward.  This was at the start of a 8 hour day of travel.  I wouldn’t call walking easy with prosthetics but it walking with a crooked prosthetic definitely isn’t easy.

Here is a video of his stride with the crooked left knee.


Traveling isn’t Taylor favorite anyways and we didn’t had our tools to fix the prosthetic ourselves (it was in our checked luggage under the plane).  So we started asking any maintenance or airport management we saw if they had a metric allen wrench.  A couple of people looked for us but no luck… Someone told us our last option would be to call the Las Vegas county and hope that they have time to bring one over to the airport before we had to board.  When we were making the call and getting shuffled from person to person, another airport employee overheard what we were looking for and said he had standard allen wrenches on him and would see if that would work.  By the luck of all that is holy, one of the standard allen wrenches worked!! We popped of the knee from the socket, twisted the joint, put back on the knee, and tightened up all the pieces!  It wasn’t perfect but it was about 90% better, which allowed for a much smoother traveling day.  When we got home we straightened it out the rest of the way:-)  Where there is a will there is a way!




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