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Hey All! It’s me, Ben! I’m just stopping by to update you on a few things… We recently had a blogger make a post about Taylor and Danielle’s story (again!) and it’s gone viral! CLICK TO CHECK IT OUT! This is causing some technical difficulties to our website and I just wanted to assure you […]

To understand this journal post you need to know 4 things: 1.) 2 months ago we posted a YouTube video of Taylor drifting a car in the snow, which had one purpose…getting the attention of Ken Block and hopefully peer pressuring Ken into giving Taylor a ride-along in his car. 2.) If you don’t know […]

Since hearing the news Thursday morning life turned into four long, excruciating days of waiting for more news, the days to pass, and for Taylor to be back in the states.  Those days were immediately followed up by a full week of nonstop medical chaos (surgeries, doctors, pain, therapy…) It was so refreshing to find out […]