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Hey All! It’s me, Ben! I’m just stopping by to update you on a few things… We recently had a blogger make a post about Taylor and Danielle’s story (again!) and it’s gone viral! CLICK TO CHECK IT OUT! This is causing some technical difficulties to our website and I just wanted to assure you […]

Good Morning my people! It’s Ben Hagarty here! Danielle asked me to drop a line on the site again, to catch everyone up on the past 72 hours and hopefully help define the craziness of the word we’ve recently become very familiar with… ‘Viral‘! As some of you may know, I do a lot of behind-the-scene work […]

Friday, surgery day.  Taylor and I were up at 5am this morning getting ready for the day of surgery we had ahead of us. Brushed both of our teeth, washed both of our faces, and whipped Taylor’s body down so it was nice and clean for surgery. Oh yeah and brushed both our hair (and his beard, […]