Summer School!

Posted: 15th June 2015 by in Journal
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Taylor has officially been in summer school for a week.  Within that week he has completed 7 chapters, taken one quiz, and has his first test tomorrow.  This is the fast track to completing statistics!  Yup, that’s right Taylor is cramming a semester of statistic into a month!  One week down, three weeks to go.  Go Taylor go!

Meanwhile, tomorrow marks the end of another semester.  Which means that I will have a two week break from school before I start my last semester of my Masters program!! Yes, that’s right I only have one more semester until I graduate with my Masters of Business Administration!!

My graduation will be two weeks before the wedding.  I joked with Taylor that this “whole wedding celebration” is actually a hoax.  We are celebrating me finally being done with school and that I was going to wear my wedding dress and graduation cap down the isle verses a vail.  hahaha all joking aside, I cannot wait to celebrate all of the above!




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