Stairs…left, right, left, right, left

Posted: 1st November 2012 by Danielle in Journal

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Taylor and I are very goal orientated. We like to set a plan to be able to follow, work hard on accomplishing the plan, and see the goal through to the end.
Today we sat down with our physical therapist to discuss where we are, where we want to be, when we want to be out of the hospital, and what we need to work on to accomplish to achieve our goal. We decided to make a schedule for the weeks PT appointments…Running twice a week, stairs twice a week, biking once a week, one day designated to agility and strength, and so on. Each day has more than enough to fill our allotted time.
Tuesday and Thursday’s are dedicated to stairs. This is a huge goal for us! Taylor wants to be able to use the stairs to escape the main level of his parents’ house when we go home for the holidays. He wants to go to restaurants where there are 3 small stairs separating us from the other diners. Stairs are EVERYWHERE…I mean EVERYWHERE!! We do not want stairs to determine where we can or cannot go. Stairs will not be our demon!!!
For this reason we nominated two days of the week to focus on stairs. There is a really long stair case on base with deep and wide stairs, great for practicing.

After Taylor finished walking down and returning up the long stair case, he said that being able to climb up and down the stairs motivated him. He realizes he can do it now, that it is a possible feat. He probably told me this 5 or 6 times as we were walking back to the hospital. You could tell he building his confidence each time he told me. I love hearing it each and every time but more than that I loved that it was reassuring himself that he can do stair WITH practice!

Since today is the first day of November, a month devoted to giving thanks, which Taylor and I have more than enough to be thankful for, we decided it was only appropriate to pick on thing we are thankful for each day. I told Taylor to brainstorm something to write for Day 1 while I was writing about the day’s occurrences. When I finished 30+ minutes later, I asked him what he was thankful for. He responded, “YOU!” I immediately assumed he had gotten sidetracked and was taking the easy way out but he explained that it was Day 1 and that I was the number one thing he was thankful for. Cheesey I know, but on that note, I will second him by saying I am thankful for Taylor. We are thankful to have each other through thick and thin. It is an astonishing feeling to know you have a best friend by your side to make you laugh, wipe your tears away, listen to your rambling, or just sit there and hold your hand through anything that comes your way. WE ARE MORE THAN THANKFUL FOR EACH OTHER!



  1. Kelly says:

    I cried when he mentioned its YOU what hes thankful for. I can see you have SO much patience, LOVE, and devotion for him, and I can see him not taking advantage of you, he appreciates you, high and low, every minutes. I admired you both!

  2. kristie ann says:

    I found you guys through a photo essay on buzz feed and have to say your love for each other is one of the most beautiful and amazing things I have ever seen. In any circumstance to have someone love and care for you as each of you do each other, is a gift. The type of connection you two have is something the majority of the world will not experience in their lifetime. I think this type of love is one in a million. I wish you both the best you really are an inspiration in every way possible.

  3. Lynne says:

    Hi Taylor and Danielle
    I am a bilateral bka from South AFrica. I lost both my legs to malaria in March 2012. I have also learned to walk and climb stairs and drive again. Danielle, like Taylor, I too have an awesome partner who has been my missing limbs and my strength when I really thought I couldn’t anymore. I have fantastic kids too and its me who sees me as less of me, not them, they love unconditionally and I am thankful for that. Life is challenging but with love and God you can overcome anything. Taylor and Danielle, may God bless you both with much happiness and love because together you will overcome these challenges and go on to live an awesome life. Big ups to you Taylor, u keep going bud…you are awesome and Danielle, you really are an angel.

  4. Amy W says:

    It seems that you both have something figured out, that it is so much better dealing with all that life has to offer and all the challenges with your best friend at your side. You both are very inspiring and it is great that you share your lives with others, you have helped more people than you could ever imagine with your openness and honesty.
    I’m thankful that I found your Journal story and am able to follow your progress. Know that steps will be one more challenge that you master, and your time in the hospital will be a thing of the past.
    Hope you have a great month of giving thanks, will be interested to know what else you are thankful for.

  5. John and Nichole Dubuisson says:

    We have been following you guys journey through this exciting adventure.. My cousin lost his leg to an IED last year and he now follows this blog.(I showed it to him 🙂 LOL). He was feeling down about his loss, but we’ve talked and now with your guidance and faith, he now makes it an adventure to accomplish daily tasks.. He now runs like he use to all the time and is now working on biking.. I want to start this month saying I’m thankful for you and your enthusiasm to get it through…. GOD BLESS.. and thank you for your service..

  6. Allison says:

    Thank you both for this reminder. As we watch you both go through this process, it’s incredibly valuable that you both stay so grounded and are so thankful for something so basic. Best friends. <3

  7. tammy johnson says:

    I’m so thankful that you two are very thankful. It sounds like a cliche, but certainly don’t mean it to be. When you go through something as you two have, being thankful has a deeper meaning. I, personally, am thankful that you two have each other. Where would Taylor be without Danielle and Danielle wouldn’t be “EXTRA WONDER WOMAN without Taylor. Blessings to both of you and keep on climbing!

  8. Justin trull says:

    The stairs must be a really hard challenge. But with all things, practice makes perfect. I just wanted to say that I think you two are great for eachother and amazing together. You both have inspired me to take action, and make my life better. Im am so thankful for everything now. Thank you and good luck! 🙂

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