Skin fit sockets day one!

Posted: 31st July 2013 by in Journal

-- Download Skin fit sockets day one! as PDF --

Today was the first day of putting on the skin fit sockets.  Taylor was determined to figure out how to put them on by himself.  Now that he has earned his independence back as far as getting ready for the day goes, he doesn’t want to loose that independence when switching to a new system.  I guess he figures if he is going to use the skin fit socket system, then he is going to need to figure out how to assemble the system for the day.

Step one:  Put the parachute bags over his nubs.


Step Two: Put the legs over the nubs.

Step Three: Pull green loop of the parachute bag out of the valve hole.

Step Four:  Pull the entire parachute bag out of the valve hole to ensure good suction.

Step Five: Put valve back over the valve hole to keep suction.

**Lets just say the first few attempts weren’t an immediate success.  After each error of the trial and error methodology Taylor’s frustration grew… as the frustration grew he hated the camera being in his face…basically he wasn’t a fan at all so this is all I got

I will attest that by the end of the day he started figuring out a good system that cut his initial time in half (or even more)!! I know it will come!


Tonight’s agenda..Homework… we sat in silence working on homework for a majority of the night but we rewarded ourselves in the latest episode of Suits once the homework was completed!




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