Skin Fit Sockets

Posted: 31st July 2013 by in Journal

-- Download Skin Fit Sockets as PDF --

The skin fit sockets are in!

These sockets look almost identical to Taylor’s pervious sockets but this is a whole new system.  The difference in the skin fit socket is Taylor won’t have to wear any liners between his skin and the socket.  It is supposed to create a more intimate feel.  Instead of wearing layer on layer of prosthetic products, the socket will be connected to skin purely through suction; making the prosthetic feel like it is apart of you.  You are supposed to feel someone tapping your toe or if you are accidentally kicking someone under the table  because you won’t have all the extra layers between your skin and the prosthetics.  If this system works for Taylor is sounds great but the hard part will be Taylor figuring out a system to put these legs on by himself.

The process of putting on the old legs was:

Spray the liners to lube them up and make it easy to slide on.

Once the liners are on, spray the sockets with that same lube.

Then simply slide into the sockets or use a wall or something stable to push them on.

And walllaaa Taylor is ready to rock out the day!


The process of putting on the new skin fit socket will be:

No liners but he will have to use a parachute bag to cover his legs.

Then put the end of the parachute bag through the valve, ultimately figuring out a way to pull the parachute bad through the valve, pulling his leg to the bottom of the socket and reacting a suction fit.  <– This is the hard part for Taylor without two good arms to pull the parachute bag out!! (PS maybe a little confusing but will add video our trial and error tomorrow)


We aren’t exactly sure how it will turn out but we are trying it this morning.  Stick by for an update on what kind of procedure we figure out!! Fingers crossed Taylor can find a way!






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