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Posted: 27th November 2012 by in Journal

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Oh man, it felt good to be out of the apartment today. It’s weird to say but it felt good to be back at the hospital going to appointments. It felt good to meet with the different departments and get some things done; productivity…I love it! It felt good to get some answers as far as the culture results go.

The culture results haven’t generated any dangerous bacteria thus far!!! We made it over the initial results of 3-5 days without any big bumps in the road. That means as of now we don’t need to rush back to the surgical room; as of now there is no signs that the infection reached the bone!!!! OH HAPPY DAY 🙂

The infectious disease department will continue to monitor the sample and watch for any new growth of anything. We will take that news over the alternative. We aren’t going to keep looking over our shoulders, waiting for bad news to come with every ring of our phones. We are going to continue to pray for good results but we are also going to move forward. We are going to rest while the sutures are still in and a few weeks after they are removed but after that we are bringing our “A” game. We will continue to kick recovery’s booty!

Another highlight of today… Taylor’s myo-electric was returned after being sent out to get a carbon fiber socket. It’s awesome!

By the way, dinner was great! I loved the surprise of walking into the apartment after a solid run to Taylor in the kitchen making dinner. He was so focused on each individual task… defrosting the pork loins, baking the potatoes, pulling the baking sheet in and out of the oven (with an oven mitt to avoid burning the rubber of his prosthetic hand… no more worrying about burning his fingertips), flipping the pork loins to perfectly brown each side. He did it all! I cracked a beer and enjoyed the show. Only to be followed by enjoying a dinner for two!



  1. Chris Kilburg says:

    Your post gave me tears of pride for both of you two awesome kids!!!!!You both have a heart of gold towards each other and the road you will travel together!! HUGS!!! Have a blessed day together..

  2. Awesome! Praise God! He is so good. I’m glad to hear the good news. I believe God is taking care of you guys. Be blessed! 😀

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