Recap on Veterans Day with Taylor’s grandpa

Posted: 19th November 2013 by in Journal

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I don’t know if everyone saw this but I wanted to share it because I know it meant so much to Taylor.  After completing the interview, he went on and on about how cool it was to Skype into a Veterans Day Assembly with his Korean War Vet grandpa Sid Morris.  He recapped on how crazy it was to see pictures side-by-side of Sid when he was 20’s serving for the United States of America  and Taylor when he was 20’s serving for the United States of America.  It’s an incredible bond that they will forever share.


I’m not going to lie I got choked up when Sid finished the ceremony with saying how even though Taylor is his grandson he is his hero!


Taylor and his Grandpa Sid Morris speaking to Holmes Jr. High students on Veterans Day.


Cedar Falls Afghanistan veteran Taylor Morris, 25, a graduate of Holmes Jr High, shared thoughts on his experiences in the field with students,teachers, and community members in honor of Monday’s Veterans Day.
Taylor told students of his service and how he stepped on an IED, and lost parts of all four limbs. Taylor appeared via video bridge and spoke to the students along with his grandfather, Sid Morris, a Korean War veteran. Read more in Saturday’s Cedar Falls Times and watch more video



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