PRODUCTIVE WEEKEND is being modest!!!

Posted: 28th May 2013 by in Journal

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We took advantage of the long weekend by heading down to Virginia Beach to clean out the house from top to bottom. The plan was to isolate everything we wanted to take back to Iowa to the garage… Everything else was either to be donated to the local thrift store, tossed, or sold at our garage sale we had scheduled for Monday morning. We stuck to our guns when keeping as little as possible. There is no point in shuffling appliances, furniture, home décor, and everything else that fills a house from state to state when we aren’t even sure when we will be out of the hospital setting and back in Iowa. I cannot wait to have everything in one location and not have stuff boxed up in Virginia Beach, at the hospital in Bethesda, or at one of our parent’s home in Iowa. One day…one day…

We completed everything we set out to do and more but not without long days and sore muscles. Although we had 4 days to spread out the workload, we managed to stay busy cleaning and organizing for about 15 hours each day.

– Scour bathrooms (Just the one bathroom took 3 hours… not fun)
– Cleared out the house of EVERYTHING and separated into 3 piles
1. Keep
2. Toss
3. Garage Sale
– Patch holes in walls
– Touch up paint around house
– Completely paint railings and baseboard in walk ways
– Replace smoke detectors
– Fix 2 of the 3 toilets
– Swept and whipped floors
– Vacuumed
– Cleaned carpets
– Whipped down cabinets and appliances
– Washed laundry and dishes
– Replaced 18 light bulbs that were burnt out!!!
– Mowed grass
– Distributed 35 bags of mulch to the flower gardens
– Build handrail for deck
– Stain deck
– Cut all of our extra wood down to fire pit size for the neighbors
– Labeled and priced all of our garage sale items
– Set up table with all the goods and held a garage sale
– Countless trips to the dumpster and thrift store
…Very little sleep but the house is empty and clean from top to bottom. The yard is groomed and looking fresh. And the deck is ready for summer grill outs. It was a very LONG and TIRING weekend but also very PRODUCTIVE!! It is such a load off our backs to have all that work done and the house ready for new tenants.

Time for SLEEP!!! and possibly a hand massage tomorrow (too much scrubbing for one weekend…ouch)



  1. Lois marie Ross says:

    Wow!. You certainly accomplished a lot. Congratulations.

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