San Fran, we had a great time!

Posted: 16th July 2014 by Danielle in Journal

We had a great time in San Francisco and were able to experience some of the attractions that bring people to this beautiful city from all over the world.


On our way to Alcatrez!

IMG_3994IMG_3992 IMG_2487 IMG_3970 IMG_2507 IMG_3989

Frank Morris’ escape tactic.  He made a fake head out of soap, paper,hair from the barber shop, and painted it to fool the guards


We enjoyed the Anchor beer made in San Francisco, California.  When in Rome!


The CMG dinner was a blast!!  Every decoration and entertainment planned was fantastic

IMG_3991 IMG_3990

The Golden Gate Bridge. The hike up to this overlook was steep and OUTRAGEOUSLY windy but this view of the bridge, city, bay, and Alcatraz was breathtaking!


We drove down highway 1, beautiful scenery!!!



We went t Alcatrez, ate lunch at the Fisherman’s wharf, admired the Golden Gate Bridge, took in the scenery of HWY 1, and enjoyed lots of good food and drinks during out trip to San Francisco!  Thanks for the great visit SF!



San Francisco

Posted: 14th July 2014 by Danielle in Journal

Taylor and I made our way the San Francisco today, where we will be for the beginning portion of the week.  Neither of us have been before, we are excited to explore!

photo 2


photo 1



I’m 55 and I could be dead tomorrow

Posted: 10th July 2014 by Danielle in Journal

Happy Birthday to Juli Morris!  Thank you for raising such an amazing best friend and companion in life! You’re a terrific mom and leader.  I don’t think I could ever show my true appreciation for you!

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553604_10151137373948126_372749572_n-3Receiving the Purple Heart was one thing but this picture says a thousand and one words