Happy Easter to all!!

Posted: 20th April 2014 by Danielle in Journal

Although we would have preferred to be home surrounded by family on this Easter weekend, we made the best of Easter in DC!

We actually had a good weekend.  Lots of baking sweets, enjoying each other, and hiding Easter baskets for one another around the apartment.  I love starting new, fun traditions.  And I love knowing even when I cannot be around my entire family, I will always have family in Taylor.  I’m one lucky girl!

Happy Easter everyone!

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visitors are heading our way!

Posted: 16th April 2014 by Danielle in Journal

Tomorrow our friends come back to the hospital to visit.  Yes, some of our friends have already left and been home long enough to need to make a trip BACK to the hospital to make some adjustments on their prosthetics… Although we wish we were home (silver lining) we will be here tomorrow when Tori and Andrew Smith come to visit for two days!! Excited to see them and excited to have an excuse to take a break from all my homework this semester in my MBA program!



The results are in!

Posted: 15th April 2014 by Danielle in Journal

Taylor completed phase two of the experiment between which running leg is more efficient: Straight running leg vs bent knee running leg.

Phase two consisted of running a mile in the bent knee running leg then comparing the results when running a mile with the no bending knee running leg.

Here are the results from both mile runs:

Straight leg Mile                          Bent knee Mile

Lap one: 54.14                                      Lap one: 44

Lap two: 54.17                                       Lap two: 45

Lap three: 52.62                                   Lap three: 46

Lap four: 53.03                                     Lap four: 47.4

Lap five: 57.13                                         Lap five: 50.6

Lap six: 55.88                                          Lap six: 52.2

Lap seven: 56.57                                     Lap seven: 54.4

Lap eight: 54.03                                     Lap eight: 56.2

Lap nine: 59.00                                       Lap nine: 56.2

Lap ten: 58.18                                           Lap ten: 58.4

Lap eleven: 57.14                                     Lap eleven: 61.8

Lap twelve: 59.31                                     Lap twelve: 60.7

Lap thirteen: 59.92                                 Lap thirteen: 60.7


Complete mile time                                  Complete mile time

with straight running legs:             with bent running legs:

12:56  MINUTES                                        11.58 MINUTES


Before knowing the results, Taylor said the straight (or no bending knee) running leg felt more solid.  He said when running in the straight leg, “you know your toe is going to be underneath you when you take a step, whereas when you get tired in the bending knees you just have to trust that your toe will land in front of you.” (SCARY)

He also described the straight leg as: faster, more reliable, felt less tiring, and kept better form throughout the entire mile.


Phase one= gait lab

Phase two= running a mile in each type of running leg

Phase three= run with a mask that evaluates oxygen consumption and flow (yet to be completed)