Advent Calendar Day 12-15

Posted: 15th December 2014 by Danielle in Journal
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Day 12

When I opened up box 12.  Taylor told me it was white coal.



Imagine my surprise when it wasn’t coal but a note from mine truly


Date Night this week at a restaurant we have been wanting to check out!


Day 13

The only shorts Taylor wears is these Chefwear brand.  They have an elastic band so they are easy to take on and off… no buttons or zippers… and they look a lot nicer than your typical gym shorts with an elastic waist band.

Taylor’s prosthetics rub holes in his shorts, plus he wears these shorts every day of the year.  The combination of wearing these shorts daily and the carbon fiber sockets of the prosthetics means Taylor goes through shorts  quickly.  Lucky for us shorts are on sale in the winter.  On day 13 of the our advent calendar, Taylor stocked up shorts!



Day 14

I have finals this week for my MBA program.  I always get super stressed out during finals and always think I am not going to do well. Taylor got me a bag of nut rolls with a note, “your nuts you will do great.”


Day 15

Taylor also got some school supplies on day 15 of the Advent Calendar.

Flipping through papers without fingers in a huge pain! I put a stack of sticky notes in the advent box, made Taylor flip through until he found this note.  I know, I know, I know… kind of a jerk move but I wanted to show him how easy my presents would make finals week and every other scenario when he has to flip through papers.


I got him this sticky note depender so he doesn’t have to fumble through just to make a note somewhere throughout a textbook or notes during class.


I also got him these dividers so he could separate each chapter during studying.



We are always looking for new techniques or products that make lie easier.  We will have to see how these simple products will help this week.





Day 10 of the advent calendar

Posted: 11th December 2014 by Danielle in Journal
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Day 10 of the Advent Calendar

With all my running around as a Realtor, I am due for an oil change! Today’s surprise was so needed and so appreciated!!

In years past we have filled the advent calendar with random items that tend to accumlate verses being needed or useful. This year we are opting for gifts that are needed: oil change, back scratcher, massage, fill up the gas tank, dinner date for two… All things we probably would have bought but they are  a lot more fun incorporating it into this holiday festivity. Plus we really don’t need anymore junk and stuff to store. Are motto around the house is less is more :-)






Posted: 8th December 2014 by Danielle in Journal
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I’ll catch you up with our Advent Calendar fun!


Advent Calendar Day 4


Advent Calendar Day 5


GREAT minds think alike!!  The funny thing is we fill all of our box before the start of December.  I leave the room for a while so he can pick which days to put which surprise/gift in.  Then he will call me when he is done so I can get the room to myself and fill all the boxes for him.

Well this Thursday (day 4) we had a busy day and fell asleep before I remembered to open my box.  Come Friday morning, together we open day 4 (for me ) and day 5 (for Taylor).  We both gave each other a 30 minute massage!

I told him if we exchange the massages at the same time, I definitely get to go last :-)


Advent Calendar Day 6

Dat to “bread bread” or otherwise known as Panera Bread.  It is my choice to pick breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Advent Calendar Day 7

We drove Taylor’s Jeep to Iowa City and back this weekend and I knew he was getting low on fuel.  He was planning on leaving for school early to fuel up.  Well, plans changed, this morning when I got up for my workout class at 6am, I took his Jeep and filled it up with some diesel.  Full tank for day 7 of the Advent Calendar and a little more time to sip on some coffee before leaving the house for school!



Advent Calendar Day 8

I always have a spot on my back I cannot scratch.  Well I had this bomb back scratcher that I used all the time until I misplaced it somewhere around the house. I have been looking for it and complaining that I was loosing my mind because I couldnt find it anywhere.

Taylor went on the search too and he found the back scratcher!! Best Day 8 Advent Calendar gift EVER!!