Dean’s List for Taylor!!

Posted: 28th July 2015 by Danielle in Journal
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Couldn’t be more proud of Taylor!  He made the dean’s list!  He pours himself, his efforts, and his talent into everything he does!







Hitting the open water

Posted: 27th July 2015 by Danielle in Journal
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Sorry for the gap in posting.  All of the big events we have coming up are starting to catch up to me as far as being busy… Last semester of grad school, real estate work, wedding planning ( it just hit me that we are only two months away), and house planning (we are getting closer to finalizing our built spot, which is crazy exciting but means more decisions as far as plans go)…. So all of that is keeping us pretty busy.

We did sneak away yesterday to have a little Sunday Funday with some friends.  We went kayaking down the river in our hometown.  It was such a beautiful day and the perfect break from lots and lots of reading and before I had to start my case study analysis (BOOOO).

This was the first time Taylor got back in a kayak since being at the hospital.  This time we did it all on our own, no help with physical therapist or occupational therapist.  It wasn’t in pool.  It was Taylor and myself working as a team and getting out on the open water.  Taylor summed it up perfect as he enter the water, he said, ” FREEDOM!”

IMG_3010 IMG_3011 IMG_3012 IMG_3014



Happy Fourth of July to all!

Posted: 7th July 2015 by Danielle in Journal
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Happy Fourth of July from Taylor and Danielle!!

Happy Fourth of July! Thanks to all those past, present, and future service members that put their lives on the lines to make sure America remains a country that represent freedom and opportunity!🇺🇸🇺🇸 —love this picture of Taylor and his grandpa! It was taken after Taylor stepped off the plane to returned home for the first time post injury!



My handsome Godson!

IMG_1234 IMG_1235 IMG_1238

How cute is this cutie?  You can guess who I am talking about.  (hint: it is a win win!)


IMG_1250 IMG_1252 IMG_1255 IMG_1258 IMG_1260

My baby bro!


You couldn’t take your eye off this boy for a millisecond when he had fireworks in his hand!