Recap on our Easter weekend!

Posted: 7th April 2015 by Danielle in Journal
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We had such a good Easter weekend! Lots and lots and lots of family time… and even more food…brunch, lunch and dinner. Although we just wanted to go into a food coma by the end of the day (which we did take a midday nap…super rare!), we wouldn’t trade it for the world. To be able to spoil my nephews with hugs and kisses is everything!

I mean seriously isn’t this the cutest little bunny ever!

IMG_9072 IMG_9085

Silly faces on the way to dinner:-)


Pre-Easter dinner… Of course, it was a BLT bar.  Yes that included lots of bacon options and combinations of toppings


What would life be without friends!


Oh my nephews, oh how we love them!


This is exactly how I felt on the way to our third Easter meal… so full but so good!


He’s my favorite!




Can YOU 3D print an arm?

Posted: 2nd April 2015 by Danielle in Journal
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Taylor and his friend, Neil, have been working on building a prosthetic arm from scratch.  Every piece of the prosthetic was designed and printed with a 3D printer.  This is the first time they were able to actually try out the prosthetic!

Both Neil and Taylor love tinkering around with new functions, possibilities, and materials. Their giddy smiles when working or even talking about the possibilities are priceless!



Shuffle with it!

Posted: 1st April 2015 by Danielle in Journal
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If you don’t know this about us.  Taylor and I love shuffle board.  We have a pretty intense battle going on.  We keep a running total of how many games we have won and loss. And we always catch ourselves saying, okay just one more game!

The teams are usually Taylor and Nicole versus Jason and myself.  Right now we are  even but definitely foresee lots more games in our future.

I think the reason we like shuffle board so much, is because it is really the only bar game that Taylor can still play and be competitive at.  Pool is out.  Darts is definitely out.  Fooseball is out.  Honestly shuffleboard is our jam!  We would like to be able to have one in our basement once we finally get to build the house.  The measurements have been taken to ensure we have a room that would be big enough, just in case we are ever lucky enough to own our own shuffleboard table!