Thankful x4

Posted: 9th November 2015 by Danielle in Journal
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November 6th>>>>

We are thankful for slow cookers.  Taylor and I have recently gotten into crock–pot cooking.  We pick out a few new recipes at the beginning of the week, start the meals before leaving for work/school, and come home to a house smelling good and a warm meal! Let us know if you have any favorite recipes, we love to try new ones out :-)


November 7th>>>>


On this Saturday, we are thankful for the snooze button!  Fridays are for staying up too late watching movies.  Chilly, Fall Saturday’s are for staying under the warm blankets and sleeping in!

November 8th>>>>

We are thankful for our health.  Your health is one of those things that cannot be guaranteed, bought, assumed, and it definitely shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Health is everything!

November 9th>>>>

We are thankful for Ray “Bubba” Sorensen! He is the freedom rock artist and for all who do not know his story and his mission, please visit THE FREEDOM ROCK

Today, we went to the ceremony in our hometown, Cedar Falls, IA,  to celebrate the completion of Black Hawk County’s Freedom Rock.

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I’m so thankful for November 5th!

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November is a month to focus on what you are thankful for. Last night we went to a March of Dimes fundraiser and heard some heartbreaking stories, as well as, some remarkable stories of overcoming the odds.
Today I am thankful for an amazing foundation that focuses on reducing infant deaths and illnesses through groundbreaking research.
I am also thankful for all my nieces and nephews that are healthy, full-spirited kids.
Lastly, I am thankful for a STRONG sister, brother-in-law and family that was able to tell Miss Peyton goodbye far too soon, a support system is everything!
Thanks March of Dimes for all that you have done, are doing and continue to do for growing families!





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(sorry I’m already getting behind with the posting but we have been talking about them each day)  November 3rd–Taylor and I are thankful for our families.   It is the strongest, most consistent support system and source of laughter and love.  We are both VERY fortunate to be from families that are close-knit and truly each other’s best friends.  How can we not feel blessed coming from these two amazing families.


November 4th– We  are thankful for this week’s amazing weather.  Iowa weather can be very unpredictable and harsh but this week has consisted of perfect 70 degree sunny, fall weather!  We will take what we can get before the snow flies and we are definitely thankful for it!