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IMG_8655  IMG_8687 The Love Your Melon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization run by college students on a mission to put a hat on every child battling cancer in America. For every hat sold, another identical hat is given to a child battling cancer. Through funding from this Buy One – Give One program and donations, the Love Your Melon Foundation provides therapeutic entertainment and comfy hats to children battling cancer during the difficult cancer treatment process. The Love Your Melon Foundation creates smiles on the faces of children battling cancer, engages communities to make a difference and provides therapeutic treatment when it is most needed.

Taylor and myself feel privileged to say we are proud supporters of the “Love Your Melon” campaign! You have to protect your own when they are too tired, weak, or down on their luck to fight for themselves





Symbolism of the arch and Taylor

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We spent our spring break in St. Louis, cheering on my little brother as he wrestling in the NCAA tournament.  We had an absolute blast! One of the things we did was visit the arch.  This was Taylor’s grandma’s response to the picture I took of Taylor in front of the arch… (I love it)


The “symbolism” in this picture is incredible!!

            The Arch, ”Gateway to the West”, symbolizes the courage, strength, determination and optimism of pioneers of an earlier time in our nation’s history—a new frontier to be explored.

             Taylor, with The Arch as backdrop, symbolizes the courage, strength, determination and optimism of another generation’s pioneers—those whose sacrifices for our nation are charting another yet-to-be-explored frontier.

With gratitude and heartfelt thanks, sending you my love.  Oma M.




Kids say the darnedest things!!

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Our friends from Walter Reed spent two years at the hospital rehabbing.  Along with this husband and wife was the son, who was age 4-6 while at the hospital.  Since then they have returned home where he has integrated back into the classroom setting.

We have gotten permission to share some of his school work.  It goes without saying that he has lived an atypical lifestyle.  He has seen things that most 7 year olds (or even grown adults) never see.  He has grown into an open-minded, accepting, but curious young boy.

I doubt the teacher has gotten too many sentences like these when practicing penmanship for the words “find” and “where”

I can only imagine what she was thinking.

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