Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to all!!

We finished our advent calendar!! And are going to spend our day with family 🙂


Day 15:


Day 16:

IMG_6004 IMG_6005

Day 17:


Day 18:

IMG_6006 IMG_6007


Day 20:

IMG_6008 IMG_6009

Day 21:


Day 22:

IMG_6010 IMG_6011

Day 23:


Day 24:

IMG_6012 IMG_6013

Day 25:

Taylors Christmas Day gift that I have been working on this past month!

IMG_6016  IMG_6018



Advent box shenanigans! (update)

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An update on our Advent box shenanigans!

Day 9:

How doesn’t want a hammer for christmas?


Day 10:

We are going to be making some turkey jerky this week! Cracked pepper and garlic seasoning…yummm!


IMG_5845 IMG_5846

Day 11:

I pieced it together, I am getting all the of tools needed for metal stamping.  My news craft and project to explore.


Day 12:

Taylor received a 30 minute massage by yours truly!


IMG_5835 IMG_5836 

Day 13:

I got my first package of stamps!! I cannot wait to see what the rest of my boxes hold and what metal stamping projects will be in my future.


Day 14:

Today Taylor got an “Ace” in his box.  The ace represented a present from Ace the hardware place.  He got a metal wire shoe scrapper. Taylor doesn’t take off his shoes (ever) so when it is snowing or raining outside, he tracks all of those elements into the house.  This scrapper with reduce the number of times I need to whip the floors.


IMG_5833 IMG_5834 

The puzzle is starting to come together! Still no guesses out of Taylor 🙂





Advent Box

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A couple years ago we found this gem of an advent calendar.

We absolutely love Christmas and everything that comes along with the holiday: family, the meaning of giving, baking, eggnog, the lights, fresh pine tree, decorating the house and tree… we can’t exactly go all out with the Christmas lights, fresh pine tree, and decorations splashed everywhere insight while still living at the hospital. Although that doesn’t mean we can’t get into the holiday spirit. We started a new tradition last year, which we had a blast doing! We bought an Advent Calendar before December started. The Advent Calendar has boxes labeled 1-24, corresponding to the days leading up to Christmas, December 25th. We decided that Taylor would fill the odd numbered boxes with presents or trinkets for me to open and I would fill the even numbered boxes with fun gifts that he can open.
The hard part was finding presents to fit in the 3inch by 3inch boxes or a creative way to represent the gift. You had to get witty and creative to think of things small enough to fit. We both love surprises!! And the anticipation of getting a surprise!! So this type of Advent Calendar was perfect for us! The shopping alone was fun.
It has been fun to wake up each morning and either watch the other open a gift or open one yourself!!

This year we must have been sharing the same wave length because we both have been leaving a clue or piece of a puzzle or a piece of the gift in the box each day that will lead up to the big, final gift…Check it out

Day One:

I have no idea what this could be but Taylor gave me circle copper pieces


Day Two:

Each year we get an new ornament that symbolizes something big that happened that year.  This year I gave Taylor a Mr and Mrs 2015 ornament because we just GOT MARRIED.  He also got a puzzle piece that he will have to piece together throughout the advent season to figure out what he will get on Christmas!


IMG_5723 IMG_5724

Day Three:

Still no clue, the same size and circular shaped pieces but this time silver… Can’t wait for my clues!


Day Four:

Taylor and I love movie nights.  I got us our favorite Christmas movie, candy, and popcorn for a cozy Sunday night! And lets not forget another puzzle piece for Taylor’s mystery.


IMG_5725 IMG_5726

Day Five:

This time I got guitar pick shaped metal pieces… What could it be? I now have silver circles, copper , and gold guitar pick shaped metal pieces.


Day 6:

Who wouldn’t want a full tank of diesel for an advent present?  This includes me taking the Jeep to the gas station, filling it up, getting a quick car wash, and bringing it back clean, fueled, and ready to go! And of course another puzzle piece, he still has no clue what the puzzle means… he he he


IMG_5727 IMG_5728

Day Seven:

What the heck are these tools?  I got a hunk of metal in the shape of a square, heart shaped metal pieces, and some tool that looks like a screw driver with the partial pentagon figure on top???

IMG_5720 IMG_5721

Day Eight:

Taylor goes through a sweatband or wristband ever couple months.  These sweat bands are worth their weight in gold!  Perfect for dabbing sweat, doubles as a napkin, and a great camouflage from the gap between the arm prosthetic and hand attachment. AND puzzle piece number 4!


IMG_5730 IMG_5731