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Taylor Morris was an adventurous kid, and as he grew older he found a passion for extreme sports. Taylor also discovered he was calm under extreme pressure, which later made him the perfect candidate for the Navy’s EOD, Explosive Ordinance Disposal. According to the US Army, “They are warriors who are properly trained, equipped and integrated to attack, defeat and exploit unexploded ordnance, improvised explosive devices and weapons of mass destruction.”

In 2012, 23-year-old Taylor led a team of Army Special forces to a classified location. He stepped on an IED that exploded underneath his body. All four of his limbs were blown off. But even though he was bleeding out, he requested the medics not to come get him. He feared there were other mines that would put the medics and his team in harm’s way. The area was cleared, and Taylor survived the blast. After a long and painful recovery, Taylor became the fifth person at the hospital to survive a four limb amputation. His friends, family, and medical staff were baffled by Taylor’s calmness, fierce determination, and progress — not to mention his incredible sense of charm and humor. The stitches in his arms were removed and he was fitted for prosthetics.

But then comes the real heart of the story — the love story between Taylor and his girlfriend of nine years, Danielle. Not once throughout Taylor’s recovery did Danielle leave his side. The country was so inspired by the defiant couple that their story went viral. In 2014, Taylor proposed to his high school sweetheart on his parents’ property in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Keep the tissues close for the video below; you’re about take an intimate, emotional journey through Taylor’s recovery with Danielle by his side the whole way through. By the end, I was a mess of tears and I think you will be, too. Please SHARE this incredible video with your friends on Facebook.



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