OT Goals!

Posted: 30th January 2013 by in Journal

-- Download OT Goals! as PDF --

Today in OT we went through a list of ADL (activities of daily living). Together Taylor and I had to rank his ability to complete each task with a score 0-4. This helps narrow down the things that Taylor still needs to work on and the things Taylor wants to work on.

One of the arenas Taylor would like to expand his skills is wood shop. He always loved working in the garage on various projects. I really hope that he finds a new way to run all those tools, so I can see that look on his face when he is lost in a project, with no awareness of the world spinning around him.

No time like the present to work on his skills!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention when Taylor was working with the utility knife, it slipped out of his hand, flew through the air, and landed directly between our OT’s legs (after she used her ultra-quick reflexes: pushed back the chair, spread her legs, and screamed). She is definitely a daredevil for letting Taylor get after it!!



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