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Posted: 25th September 2012 by in Journal

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What a whirl wind of a weekend! But oh how fun it was!! We were able to fly out Taylor’s family and a few friends to spend the weekend in New York before going on the Today show Monday morning. The weekend was unbelievable. The Today show pulled out all the stops to ensure everyone had an amazing weekend!
First of all Taylor, Ben, and myself took a train from DC into New York City Friday morning. Best way to travel EVER. So smooth and time efficient. If anyone has ever drove around the DC area you know it is painfully slow, with stop and go traffic constantly (the most frustrating situation). As this was our first time traveling by train we did not know what to except. Once we arrived at the train station, we picked up our tickets, grabbed a coffee, and then went to board our train. We found the beginning of the line then followed the crowds of people for what seemed like a mile. We were starting to get frustrated, thinking there was no easy way to travel in the city. Wrong we were! After the train rolled into the station the line pooled onto the train within minutes. The line was moving so fast Taylor and his prosthetic legs could barely keep up. I think we found our new means of travel. I mere 3 hours later and we were walking out of Penn Station into the hustle and bustle of New York City.

The group traveling from Iowa met us at the hotel, reuniting the unstoppable crew. We went out for a nice Mexican dinner that night. Since there is a lot of political conventions happening in the city this past weekend, Taylor and I had a few friends in town doing secret service jobs. They weren’t working that night so they joined us, as well as some family friends and their little girl. The little girl, Sophia, was very intrigued with Taylor’s hand and how it worked. Taylor gave her the best explanation he could think of. Well in conjunction with the most entertaining to Sophia and the group.

Ben is the biggest Yankee fan! We couldn’t be in New York and not hit up a game. The Today show decided to sweeten the experience for us (ABOVE ALL BEN)! They hooked us up with passes to get on the field before the game. We were able to watch the pregame warm up within feet of the players, meet Joe Giradi (Yankee coach), and a few players. I think Ben was having an out of body experience. At times he was standing there, frozen in place, but taking it all in…touching the grass, taking pictures, telling the group fun facts. If this wasn’t enough, the today show got us tickets to watch the game in a suit. At this point I was worried for Ben’s health. He continually described the day as the best thing that has ever happened to him. Taylor and I were so glad we were not only able to go to a game but to experience it in that fashion for Ben’s sake. He has done so much for us back home and deserves something near and dear to his heart, such as a Yankees game, and more!

Our friends (the ones who just got married over Labor Day weekend) were part of the group that was running amuck in New York for the weekend. We had so much fun watching the game pretending we were the announcers and paging each batter to the plate when it was their turn, shouting strict, and giving the ump the business when appropriate. Even though the Athletic A’s snuck away with the win, I don’t think anything could have put a damper on the day!
We walked the city before getting a good night sleep; early wake up call for the Today show. From the moment we woke up to the second the cameras turned off was a complete whirl wind! Everything went so fast. We were lead to one room, then ushered to this couch, assembled with microphones, told to smile at that camera, then moved back into another room with different cameras, smiled at another camera for a few seconds, then quickly escorted back to the couch we would do the interview. From that moment Matt joined us he was giving us some last minutes pointers as the camera man was counting down 10, 9, 8, 7… (Matt continuing to talk) okay now take a deep breath. You will do great. It is like taking a test you know all the answers to… 3, 2, 1…. Here goes nothing….
The nerves didn’t hit me until that moment. I started shaking like a leaf. I was almost positive you could see my body convulsing from everyone’s living rooms. Taylor nudge me and gave me the eye, telling me it was okay and it would be over before we knew it (the same thing he told me before we walked onto the set). Overall the interview turned out well, in the end it was painless.

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  1. Hey guys. I answered my own question, and I saw the interview. It was great! You both looked really comfortable despite the nervousness.

    Here’s the link:

  2. Do you guys have a link to the interview? I didn’t catch it live, but I’d love to see it online. Thanks.

  3. Shelli says:

    You both did a wonderful job and couldn’t have looked any more beautiful, Dave and I were so proud of you.

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