New driving program

Posted: 24th September 2013 by in Journal

-- Download New driving program as PDF --

Taylor went through a driver rehab program at the hospital early on.  In this rehab we practiced using different hand controls and adaptive equipment to figure out which system worked best for the long haul.  After extensive practice with all these different types of adaptive equipment, we got a van adapted which push/pull hand controls that run the gas/break and a truckers knob for Taylor to turn the wheel with ease.

As we posted a couple weeks back Taylor has been controlling the gas/break with his prosthetic legs.  He LOVES this system!  It is obviously most natural to him since this is all he has known.  The adaptive driving therapist (which we love) at the hospital wants to bring Taylor in to design a rehab program that will teach driving with prosthetic legs.  So tomorrow we are going to pick her up for a lunch date and talk out the details as we know them with her.

If there is one thing we have learned being at the hospital, rehab is an evolving process.  You learn from those who went before you; you take little pieces of knowledge that you see working well for others, and you combine those tricks of the trade with what you know works for you.



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