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To understand this journal post you need to know 4 things:

1.) 2 months ago we posted a YouTube video of Taylor drifting a car in the snow, which had one purpose…getting the attention of Ken Block and hopefully peer pressuring Ken into giving Taylor a ride-along in his car.

2.) If you don’t know who Ken Block is, search KEN BLOCK on Google. He’s a beast.

3.) Immediately after posting said youtube video, our fans began sharing it across multiple social media sites! They specifically tagged Ken in each post, hoping that he may see our request. After only a few days, Ken responded to Taylor via his Facebook page inviting him down to his 100 Acre Wood Rally for a ride-along! (Victory for Team Taylor).

[Photo By: Tim Dodd]

4.) This ended up being a “guys only” trip as Danielle had other engagements back home. Danielle asked me to keep all of Taylor’s fans updated along the way, with that said, you all need to deal with my poor journaling skills (Danielle has mastered the craft, I apologize in advance).

So, ten of us best friends (Taylor’s entourage always rolls deep) packed up three cars and made way down to Potosi, MO. We met up with Ken and his team at the Sayersbrook Bison Ranch (rumor has it, the land is owned by the guy who invented the peel-back cologne attachments for magazines!) to get a behind the scenes look at a full day of prep before a race! It was awesome! We got to hang out at an area where Ken topped the car out at 115MPH while drifting and then jumped a bridge! It blew our minds!



They introduced us to all of Ken’s technicians/mechanics/marketing/management/ and video team. For me (videographer guru/marketing enthusiast), seeing the process of documenting an athlete like Ken and to turn the product into a soon-to-be viral video, was an awesome experience! Inspires me to step it up on some of the videos we’ll make for Taylor in the future!

Everyone was super stoked to have Taylor come out and hang for the day. Each member of Ken’s team created such an unforgettable experience for us and made us feel like part of the crew. After a few hours of playing with the car and watching Ken do some final testing, we tossed Taylor in the car! He was amped, prepared for the scariest ride of his life.




[Photos by: Ron Zaras]

After the ride, Taylor couldn’t describe the experience with any words accept for one… “Awesome.” Right after that, a woman who lived on the property took us on a Hummer off road tour, it was one the scariest things I’ve ever done! Haha, we expected her to drive us around and show us some Bison… Maybe some cool landscapes… Nope! She was gunning down super steep hills and plowing up 45 degree rugged terrain. It was awesome!!!

After that, we went back to the hotel and hit the hot tub with Ken. The dude is so full of wisdom and was down to spend time with us and share some stories. Later, they took all of us out to a steak house for dinner. Ken’s entire team came out to hang and eat! Ken could have sat with his friends and ate diner with those he knew well, but instead, he sat down with Taylor for the next few hours and just talked. He is one of the most real professional athletes I’ve ever met, who doesn’t let the fame get to his head. Such an honest and humble dude, willing to share his success with us for the day!



[Photo by: Tim Dodd]

Anyways, this kind of sums up the trip, we’re currently traveling to the Lake of the Ozarks to visit our good friends along with the first Quad Amputee, Todd Nicely! Should be awesome! But seriously, I am going to stop writing, we’re driving on an inch of ice. It’s terrifying. I love you all, goodbye.


Ben Hagarty

P.s. Danielle will continue journaling so you won’t have to deal with my crapy re-caps.

p.s.s We’ll have a video for you soon!

Photos from our loft at the Lakes of the Ozarks!
Kitchen Window View:
Bunch of Lazy Dudes:
Lazy Taylor:



  1. Donna Block says:

    I even gave him some “peer” pressure, more like some “sibling” pressure! LOL
    After my cousin http://www.facebook.com/shauna.wickmanchapdelaine?fref=ts Shauna shared Taylor’s video with me I also sent it to my brother who wrote me and told me a few other people had also sent it to him! Taylor seems to be an amazing individual and has such a positive outlook on life that I was so happy this dream came through for him! I hope someday I too can meet Taylor! Maybe he can take me drifting! 😀

  2. Joan says:

    Been following you guys on FB from the beginning.so glad the campaign was a success and you ll got o go meet Ken!
    Long live Team Taylor!!

  3. John and Nichole Dubuisson says:


  4. Loved u’r Snow Drifting Video & the Adventurous Escapades U,Danielle & Crew go on. I will always be a Fan of yours and want to thank U for telling us about Ken Block being more than a Race Car Driver and is a genuine caring, down to earth Person of the Sport. Can’t wait to see the crazy & daring fun times you all had with him & his crew. I will check him out on YouTube. bring it on…Let the GOOD TIMES ROLL!!!

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