Marine Corps Marathon

Posted: 27th October 2013 by in Journal

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Today I ran my first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon!! When my alarm went off at 430am, I had an instant thought why do people do this to themselves: wake up super early, pay money to register for the race, train for months, and then put themselves through a not so glamorous 26.2 mile run.  It was worth it when I crossed the finish line (I cannot say it felt like it was worth it miles 15-26 but it all part of the accomplishment).  I have been determined to run a marathon for quite some time now. One of the times I attempted a marathon I got several stress fractures.  The next time I really listened to my body and made it through all the training only to have a sudden change in life when Taylor got hurt. He was flown to the US hospital on the day I was supposed to compete in the last marathon.  Today was the day!  I started out with a goal of under 4 hours and finished the race with a time of 3:45!  I can finally put a huge check mark in the “marathon” category on my bucket list!

Spaghetti dinner= carb load the night before the big race!


My support crew from back home in Iowa.  They rock! I could hear them cheering from DC as I ran!


Where everything started…


Part of my support crew, sitting out in the cold to wait for the race to begin so they could cheer me on!


In the early portion of the race when running was still fun 🙂


He’s the best. When I went to bed early the night before the race, he went out to the store and bought me everything and anything I could have possibly wanted to eat or drink after the race.


My trainer!



I did it!!! Another thing checked off the bucket list!




  1. Charlene and Russ Buck (Chestnut) says:

    Congratulations!!! Our son is a USMC test pilot in Patuxent, MD…..he also participated in the marathon…………Charlene and Russ

  2. Awesome Danielle!!! Congratulations for making your goal. 🙂

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