Long Time No Post, but I’m Back!

Posted: 9th October 2015 by in Journal
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I know I haven’t post anything in almost two months and I have felt bad about that but please know that I(we) have had good reasons.

We have been busy to say the least!

Here is a recap on the last month:

September 4th– We organized and put on the 4th annual GlowStick5k, which gave back $10,000 to a community member and over $600 in prizes to race participants.

September 15th– I graduated with my masters program and earned my Masters in Business Administrations (MBA)!

October 3rd– Taylor and I tied the knot! It’s official we are known Mr. and Mrs. Danielle and Taylor Morris!


In between all of that excited Taylor was going to school (full-time) and starting a business in the Cedar Valley.  I was also staying busy with working as a Realtor (full-time) and making all the decorations for the wedding.

Don’t worry I will get everyone caught up with everything that has happened.  We will recap on all the big milestones together!!

For now, I will like to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Danielle and Taylor Morris for the first time via taylormorris.org  Thank you for all of the support, encouragement and commitment you have shown Taylor and myself over the years.  We are humbled by the team that has rallied behind us through all the ups and downs.  We are extremely excited to see what the future holds for us as a married couple and team!  Thank you for being apart of our journey!





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