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This video was last week before the surgery.

For the longest time Taylor has had an obsession with knot tying. He loved the Navy courses where they would teach him various types of knots and all the different purposes or occasions for each. On top that of that he would buy books, self-teach videos, and apps to further his knowledge on the topic. He loved taking every opportunity to teach me a knot or two…hiking, working around the yard, organizing cords in the garage, camping… He loved explaining what to do step-by-step and I loved to see a gratified grim sneak across his face as he told me the final step and watch me pull the final cord to tighten the knot.
As strange as it sounds, back in May when we were in the hospital, the subject of knots was the first time Taylor broke down.

He was scared he would never be able to tie knots again. His thoughts quickly raced from one task to the next that seemed merely impossible to do without hands. We sat in his hospital bed, as he looked down at where his hand used to be. This is one of the only times I have heard him feel sorry for himself. This is one of the only times I heard him complain about life never being the same.

Life may not be the same. He may not be able to tie knots like he used to but he will find a new way, he has proved it time and time again!



  1. John and Nichole Dubuisson says:

    Awesome.. Now you tie up dani….Eerrrr…N/M. (J/K)…I love knot tie’n… Have a great time and GOD Bless..

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