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This past weekend Taylor and I went on a kayaking trip with Team River Runner.  We have been working with Team River Runner since almost the very beginning and we have been on kayaking trips with them before…a fun group to say the least.  One of the trips we have been on with them was to the Virgin Islands last November.  It was a week long kayaking trip that brought together newly injured military with those who have been injured in previous wars to gain friendship while learning to kayak and camp independently.

When we went on this trip last November it was one of our first trips out of the hospital.  We not only had to learn how to maneuver our way through an airport; we took on the challenge of  going on a 7 day kayaking trip while camping on the beach in 90 degree weather with sand everywhere (prosthetics, liners…) Oh and did a forget the pull string showers.  Lets just say it was a learning curve!

This trip was back to St. John but with a different agenda; to continue to raise awareness for the Team River Runner.  That way more wounded vets can experience that same learning curve we did back min November.  No, in all seriousness, it is an amazing trip with an amazing group surrounded by amazingly beautiful sights, we hope that anyone and everyone that would like to attend this kayaking trip will be able to!  Kayaking is fun so the only way to bring awareness to a kayaking group is through fun, friendly competition… Chaotic Kayaking! The race is made up of businesses and groups of friends from around the island compiling a three person team.  The team have two paddlers and one gunner (squirt guns that is).  You have to race to a boat anchored several hundred yards away from shore then race back to shore.  Everyone wants to win so it definitely gets pretty chaotic!


Here is a recap on the trip!!

Our view as we were landing!  We were just a LITTLE excited!


The view of Cruz Bay on St. John


Soaking up some rays!


Taylor and I went sailing on a catamaran!


Turns out pigs can be a pet.  This is someone on the islands pet pig that they had just taken for a walk for the shore line.


Enjoying the beautiful weather the morning of the chaotic kayaking race!


The island night life.  Lots of coconut, rum, frozen sweet island drinks!

image_5 image_4

Our last day in St. John…Back to DC we go!





  1. Tracy says:

    Thank you for returning to St. John and supporting the fundraising effort for TRR – way to give back so others can enjoy the trip in November! Awesome photos and so happy you enjoyed your time on my favorite island!

  2. tammy johnson says:

    Looks so beautiful. Glad you had a great time. Nothing like the tropics to take away any stresses you may have.

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