It’s Danielle here. I’m back.

Posted: 21st August 2012 by in Journal

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Danielle back. Both Taylor and I are from Iowa; we absolutely love to go home to visit and see our families. Unfortunately last week I was forced to make an abrupt trip home due to an unforeseen medical issue with my sister and her pregnancy. Without getting into many details, my niece/godchild was born on August 13 only to grace this world for a couple of hours. As I held her in my arms I could see both my sister and her husband’s features combined to make an absolutely stunning little girl. I stayed home for the rest of the week to spend time with my sister and the rest of the family. Before I got on a plane to return to Walter Reed, we had a really nice memorial service for my beautiful goddaughter and her loving parents (my sister and her husband). As I said there is nothing better than going home to Iowa, and although I wish the visit wasn’t under these circumstances, I’m glad I could be there with my family during this trying time.

This year it has seemed like it is one thing after another. I keep telling myself that things have to turn around. There has to be a turning point. This black cloud over top of us has to move on sometime soon. This year hasn’t been fun. Plain and simple this year has sucked. I feel like we can’t seem to catch a break. But if there is one thing I have learned things could always be worse and through all the bad this year has brought every situation could have had a worse outcome. This is what I tell myself to get through the tough days. It’s not a glamorous, motivational phrase but it is what works for me. It is all about perspective.

When I got back in on Saturday, the boys picked me up at the airport. Still down for the emotionally exhausting week it was hard to find the energy to run and jump into their arms or even appear happy for that matter. Somehow I found the energy deep inside to sport a huge smile when I notice Taylor rocking his X2s (his legs with knees) outside of the MATC. He hasn’t been able to take them home yet so it was an awesome surprise to see him towering over me with his arms held out wide waiting for a hug. Mid hug he would push me away a little and just look at me then he would go in for the hug again, telling me how much he missed me. He knew the year’s accumulation of events had hit me hard this week; this is exactly what I needed.

As Juli wrote we headed into DC on Saturday for the day. Out to dinner Saturday night. Then back to the apartment for movie night. I don’t even think I made it through the opening scene of the movie before I passed out; I WAS EXHAUSTED!

Sunday the boys and I met up with my aunt and two cousins for lunch. My younger cousin is starting her freshman year of college at America University. Since my aunt lives across the country in Washington, it was refreshing to be able to sit down and catch up. I’m also excited about having a cousin down the road to steal for a dinner date or girls night.

After lunch Riley, Tim, Taylor, and I decided to make a quick trip to Virginia Beach so Riley could see the house. We were hoping to check out the beach, the motorcycles, and show him a few of our stomping grounds. For a majority of the time spent in Virginia Beach it was raining; not great for exploring the town but perfect for lugging it around the house and watching movies. A few hours before we were going to take off to head back to the hospital, the rain stopped and the skies cleared up. We made a pit stop down to the beach. This is the first time Taylor has been around sand since the accident. For this trip I gave him a piggy back ride, to make it easier to get through the sand and make it to the water. Eventually Taylor and I will be doing morning beach runs again.

Today was the first day back to our daily appointment routine since I left a week ago. Nothing has changed too much with schedule. Wake up. OT. Wound Care. PT. Lunch. Prosthetics. Taylor didn’t skip a beat while I was gone. He just kept trucking along and improving.

Taylor’s aunt and Godmother got in yesterday. She used to work as an occupational therapist so I know she enjoyed being a part of Taylor’s appointments. You could tell she was interested in all the new techniques, products, and processes. We ended the day with dinner out on the town. It was an absolutely beautiful night so after dinner Taylor, Riley, Tim, and myself walked around the streets of Bethesda and chatted, as this is our last night together before the boys take off back to Iowa.



  1. Joy W says:

    I think the two of you are amazing! I’m sure there are heart aches and stressors that cannot be imagined from the outside looking in – but your story is truly one of inspiration. Equally wonderful, is your love story. People take “love” for granted, and have all sorts of ideas of what “love” is, but I don’t know that many people really, truly, sincerely find it. The two of you obviously have found it – what a blessing for you both! Hold on tightly to each other for the rest of your lives; you are obviously best friends, and have had to no doubt grow together tremendously through these circumstances. You are BOTH strong! I am AMAZED by Taylor and his attitude, strength and determination – a true winner on so many levels, and I am amazed by your constant support and strength. Your story could be one of sadness, but there is so much beauty to the story of “Taylor and Danielle”. I hope one of you can author a book – this is a story worth sharing. Amazing overall commitment, amazing determination, amazing love ~ by a hero and his best friend.

  2. Jessi says:

    I work and spend time in Bethesda and I think I’ve seen you guys around! I used to work at Saphire and am there with friends often. I just recently found Taylor’s story and I must say, what an inspiration he is and you are. I have you guys in my thoughts, and I know things will start to get better for you all and your beautiful personalities and souls.

  3. Cheyenne says:

    Taylor’s aunt is my anatomy teacher and every time she brings up his story to give us a real life experience, it touches my heart. My best friend also went through a very similar experience and I was there through every step, literally his first steps. I pray everyday for y’all. You never know how strong you are until it’s your only option. Also, there really is no place like Iowa (Go Hawks!)

    God Bless

  4. Denise Dehl Olson says:

    Glad you are back together again. I am told Taylor Love is magic. I hope this helps you Danielle.

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