Iowa is just one flight away!

Posted: 25th November 2013 by in Journal

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Taylor was on a flight to Boston Sunday.  Then on a flight to DC today.  Tomorrow we are on a flight to good old Iowa! So much air time 🙂


There is snow on the ground there.  The weather looks like it is going to be bouncing between 10 and 30 degrees all week.  Did I mention I hate the cold? With all that being said I don’t think there is anything that would make us not excited to be home and see our families.


See you in less than 12 hours Iowa!



  1. Jay Simser says:

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and say Hello to Sid for me. It is cold here but the state will warm up with you folks back in it.

  2. Tammy Johnson says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. There is no place like home(iowa), even when it’s so cold. You will be with family(that keeps you warm). Have a great time!

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