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Taylor and I took off from Iowa yesterday after being home for a solid 3 weeks (it was amazing). We hoped on a plane and headed straight to Maine where we are spending the week at National Veterans Family Center. It’s going to be a fun week of camping, boating, knee boarding, kayaking, swimming, fishing, camp fires, and so much more. I have never been to Maine before, it is such a relaxing, calm pace here and not to mention beautiful. We woke up to fire wood being chopped, people already hoping out of the water from their morning swim, and people heading out for a morning hike! I can already tell this is going to be a fun week!

We are being spoiled with good times. We just left 3 weeks of enjoying the beautiful Iowa summer with our families. Ending the trip with an amazing time at the 2nd annual  Taylor Morris Glow Stick 5k: Inspired to Pay it Forward!   There were over 1000 people that came out decked out in glow sticks and ready to run for a great cause!! During the voting process we had two nominations that were neck and neck (which made the voting process that much more fun for everyone to watch the votes climb). The two nominations were Sing me to Heaven and Sue Spece.
Sing Me to Heaven Foundation was founded by an Iowa family after going through the loss of their beloved daughter / granddaughter Natalie.   The Foundation is committed to assisting grieving families in Iowa with funeral expenses after the loss of a child.
Sue Spece is the mother of 3  – all wheelchair-bound due to spinal muscular atrophy, a form of muscular dystrophy.  Currently her family is living in an older home where Sue does all the lifting and transferring from wheelchair to bed, car, bathtubs… herself.    They have started a fund in hopes of building a home that will assist her an her children’s needs and be more assessable. 
We were able to raise $8000 from the race proceeds. In return we gave $6000 to Sing me to Heaven who won the voting process after a long, extremely close battle.  But we couldn’t let Sue walk away empty handed and we were humbled by her story. We were able to give Sue $2000 towards the goal to build her a home!  Overall an amazing night with only good happening and positive energy flowing.
As you can see both amazing causes!    If you are interested in learning more or contributing further to these inspirational people:
Sing me to Heaven:
Since we are up in Maine, I don’t have Internet so I am writing this via my iPhone and cannot upload pictures but for an overview of the night check out Taylor Creery’s pictures that he took throughout the night and uploaded to Facebook.
Taylor Creery Photography just  released about 140 pictures! Take a look at them all!




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