In all the bad… we need to look for the good!

Posted: 16th November 2015 by in Journal
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November is a month to be thankful for!

November 12– For a phone that allows you to communicate with people instantaneously even when you are far away from them.

November 13–  We are thankful for blogs for connecting you with other like-minded people.  Thank you all for joining us on our journey and supporting us everything step of the way!

November 14– We are thankful for faith, hope, and love. Because those things are free, irreplaceable, and the only things that last a lifetime.  Our hears ache for all those hurt due to the violence in Paris.

November 15–  We are thankful for home videos.  Sometimes it is fun to reminisce on the simple things and the love between family members!

November 16– We are thankful for GPS.  We traveled to a wedding this weekend and used our GPS every leg of  the way…. How did we ever get anywhere using maps:-)




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