I Threw A Parade For My Friend.

Posted: 31st August 2012 by in Journal

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Today I threw a parade for my friend. I threw a parade……… A successful parade…… I threw a parade in the town i’ve grown up in, experienced my first public school in, experienced learning how to drive stick in, experienced my first prom in, experienced live music in, experienced my first beer in, experienced college in, experienced some of my best friendship’s in… So basically, I’ve experienced a long list of experiences… But today was one that I will never forget.
Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 7.03.06 PM
The picture above ^^ is of Taylor and his Dad waving to a long line of Jr. High students at Holmes Jr. High. Holmes joined us in the parade welcoming Taylor home to Iowa along with Hansen Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, St. Patricks School, and Cedar Falls High School. We didn’t just cruise by school’s though, we started out at the Waterloo Airport, where Taylor and Danielle landed in a private airplane which was donated to them. They were greeted by about 200 motorcyclist, Amvets members, Police officers, Firemen, News media, Family members, Friends, and about a 7 mile parade of Iowan’s welcoming Taylor home for his first time since his deployment in January. Our entire route was insane! People created awesome signs welcoming Taylor home, flags were everywhere, people screaming with the biggest smiles on their faces as they waved to Taylor. Our entire downtown was packed with so many people making more noise than all of the motorcycles and sirens combined. It was awesome…

I have spent the past 5 day’s talking on the phone, writing emails, speaking with the City Council, Community Main st, Cedar Falls Police, Waterloo Police, Black Hawk Country Sherifs Department, State Patrol, New’s channels on top of News channels on top of new’s channels, new’s papers on top of new’s papers on top of new’s papers, Patriot Guard Riders, Amvets Riders, Freedom Riders, Grade Schools, Elementary schools, High Schools, Videographers, Photographers, Radio Stations, Printing shops, the Airport, Family members, Citizens, etc. It was exhausting, it was annoying, it was frustrating, it was exhilarating, it was exciting, it was scary, but most of all, it felt right. It felt right because Taylor deserves it and our community deserves it too! We can’t thank you all enough for the support and time you guys put in for Taylor. Having a community like the one we do and even the bigger community that has grown around Taylor world wide is an amazing accomplishment. It’s something you can count on and that definitely showed today. I start writing these journal post and start thinking too much about everything I would like to say and then it becomes all blah blah blah, so I’ll just wrap this up. Thank you for coming out today. This isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning… I love the Morris’s, I love my friends, I love my family, and I love my community. This weekend is our dear friend’s wedding (Mike and Hanna THUESEN) so we’ll be drifting away from this website to celebrate that with them as I love that they love each other and will show that commitment within the next 48 hours!!! Have a great Labor Day weekend!!!


Okay I’m Done.


Ben Hagarty-


Oh yeah, and I totally got sunburnt today which sucks. Okay, bye for real.




  1. Amy says:

    You did an amazing thing in pulling your community together to welcome Taylor home. It doesn’t sound as though you had to pull very hard, as this town was so ready to turn out to welcome home a Hero. I’ve read George Winslow’s account(Patriot Guard), and I’ve read your blog post, and I feel like I was part of it. I live in a town that would do all that in a heartbeat, though much smaller than your town.
    Great job, Ben. Taylor is really blessed to have friends like you.

  2. Robert Hagarty says:

    Great job little ben, you and your friends have done a great thing. It brought a lump to this retired Navy Vets throat as you all went by. i didnt get a sunburn as i was sittiing under a big tree in the shade but boy was it hot. A BIG BRAVO ZULU TO YOU ALL.

  3. Terri McNeal says:

    What you have done for Taylor puts a lump in my throat and brings tears to my eyes. Bless you (and all that participated) for showing Taylor how much he’s loved and respected!
    Taylor, I’m sure, gets hundreds of emails, cards, and letters each day..but you put faces to all those well wishes! I’m sure it made all those well wishes even more real for Taylor.
    I live in Traverse City, Mi, but was there is spirit (bumming that I couldn’t be there).

    Thank you for throwing a parade for Taylor! You, obviously, are an angel on earth!

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