Hurricane Sandy

Posted: 29th October 2012 by in Journal

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Due to Hurricane Sandy the hospital was closed today and tomorrow. Although we loved a day of lugging it around the apartment, we did miss out on a lot of appointments. One of the more important appointments that we missed was the appointment to talk with our orthopedic doctor in regards to a fluid pocket that was found after a CT scan last week. We were told that there was a good size fluid pocket on the bottom of his right leg and we would need to schedule surgery. The fluid sack could be the reason a few wounds on Taylor’s legs are at a stand-still in the healing process. We were told the surgery is not urgent but will need to be done at some point. We figured that whenever we scheduled the surgery to remove the fluid sack, we would get a few more things done while under the knife.
His left leg also has two large “dog ears” or large square-like corners of extra skin that we are going to get removed. Also on his left arm there is a wound that just won’t heal, which is one of the reasons why he hasn’t been wearing his left arm prosthetic. Hopefully we open up the arm, wash it out, and finally get it to heal.
Our thought process was as long as we have to have the surgery AND he will have to be off his feet for a while then we should get it all done at once. But this is just our thought process; we were supposed to meet today with our orthopedic doctor to discuss our options. I wish we had some of the answers we were looking forward to hearing during our appointment today but this is just one of the small inconveniences Hurricane Sandy has brought. So far no one that we know has been hurt or received any damage to their property, thank God. We know that is not the case for everyone…and we hope the storm doesn’t get much worse and everyone find shelter, staying safe until the storm subsides. Be safe!



  1. Vini says:

    You know, you are such an encouragement. NOthing can compare to the turmoil and trials you all have faced. But I realize, nothing is impossible with God. Keep up the great work. So glad you are ok from the hurricane. Thank you
    Fellow Iowan

  2. valerie kent says:

    hang tough Taylor and Danielle, (my beautiful daughter’s name) God blesss you and I wish you a very speedy recovery from you up and coming surgery. Most Sincerely, and if I forgot to tell you Taylor Thank you for everything.

  3. Hey Taylor and Danielle,

    Glad you were able to be in out of the storm and it sounds like you still have power… another positive.

    I understand your frustration with the missed appointments, rescheduling is such a pain in the “Buttocks” as Forest Gump would say! Especially at the VA.

    Having been a civilian medic with a Med-Surg background also, I was looking closely at one of your update videos where they were cleaning up a wound on your right leg I believe. I can imagine that wound has a hard time healing completely with your level of movement.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that perhaps some of the Dr’s / Nurses have “suggested” you take it easy to allow those to heal, and given your passion and progress… I’m betting that doesn’t go over well.

    You are such an inspiration to me and countless others Taylor! You saved my ass last week, just helping me put some things in perspective. In the overall sense I would never want to slow you down… buttt, you’ve proven where you’re headed and what you can do. You’re going to be kicking ass for years to come and to get it right you may do your best to let these wounds heal so once and for all (well, screw that, you’ll more than likely get some type of injury when you skydive at the first opportunity) but I pray you’ll get my drift. Nobody important to you is going to think anything less of you if you slow up just a bit to get past this necessary healing. It’s like if Danielle or your sister were to end up pregnant, I doubt you’d be cool with them pushing a car down the street or carrying you up 4 flights of stairs on their back “just because they can”.

    With all the support and respect in my Heart – Marc

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