Home Sweet Home

Posted: 21st November 2013 by in Journal

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For months we have been forging our way through the med board process. And for weeks we have been waiting on our VA appointments to come through so we could schedule our Thanksgiving travel days.  We wanted to go home in the worse way but we knew we didn’t want to miss any VA appointments because we don’t want anything to delay us from getting home for good.  So we wait and wait for our appointments to get scheduled.  With each passing day we knew it was getting down to the wire whether we would be able to get home or not.

Finally, we got our appointments scheduled and their NOT  during Thanksgiving week.  That means we get to go home!! We get to see my nephews that are growing like weeds! We get to eat dinner with our parents, grandparents, siblings, and close friends.  We get to go back to the homeland!

Who wouldn’t want to go back to Iowa?  I mean this is how the welcomed us home the first time after Taylor got injured and we had been living at a hospital for months.  Its an amazing place, with amazing people.  See you soon, Iowa.















  1. Jeremy Schmidt says:


    As a fellow Vet, I thank you for your service, I served in Iraq, now most importantly I hope and pray your recovery and treatment continues on a great path of success. secondly I am so impressed how you embrace your roots to Iowa, I am an Iowan born and raised and still live here and love it, I will be buying some of your shirts as X-mas Gifts for friends and family members that are also Vets. once again I thank you, as a fellow vet, and a fellow Iowan. God bless your family during the Holidays.


    Jeremy Schmidt
    Rockwell Iowa

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