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Posted: 26th December 2012 by in Journal

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It’s been awesome to be back home!!! I don’t think it is intentional but we pack the absolute most into each day! Definitely getting our bang for our buck during this visit home. The mindset of pushing the limits seems to expand into all aspects of our lives. The first night we were here Taylor put on the legs for basically the first time in 5 weeks, he must have worn them entirely too long. He woke up the following morning with a big hickey, bruise. He tried to ignore the bruise and put them on the following night but the pain was too intense. He hasn’t worn the legs since. We decided that we can pack the days as full as possible but need to ease the legs in, taking it little by little, listening to the legs as he goes.

PLANE RIDE HOME! December 21
The crew from Carrington Capital Management was incredible! They all showed up wearing the Taylor Morris t-shirts 🙂

Taylor went as Uncle Eddie from a National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I went as a christmas tree… presents under tree, ornaments on tree, and star on top!

BAPTISM December 23
I’m a godmother!!!

Christmas Eve mass, dinner at Taylor’s aunts, later dinner and cards at my parents house

CHRISTMAS December 25
Tis’ the season to give! We were forunate enough to be able to give my sister and her husband a signed jersey from their favorite player of their favorite team! They had no idea it was coming, which makes it even better. We knew it would be a sgood reaction so we had a staged camera to catch it all on tape!

Today we headed to Dubuque to visit both my mom’s parents and my dad’s mom. I LOVE FAMILY!!! This holiday season has proved once again how blessed we are. We are SURROUNDED by amazing friends and family, what else could you ask for. I pray that everyone else had an equally blessed holiday!



  1. Ruth Mitchell says:

    Surely your sister and her husband are not CHIEF fans???? Oh my goodness…they are faithful folks!!!! I am from KCMO originally and love the Chiefs but they sure had it TOUGH lately!!! But…I must tell you that you both inspire me more than you will ever know!!! I am a military wife and a military mom…you two are what all of us hope to be…people who live their lives to the fullest and don’t let ANYTHING stand in the way of their love!!
    God bless you both!!

  2. Laurie says:

    Blessings, love and peace into the New Year!

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