Heading out for a week

Posted: 4th November 2012 by Danielle in Journal

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Day Two: Like we said yesterday we are thankful for each other but a close second goes to our parents. They are the people who shaped and molded us into the people we are today. They taught us morals, ethics, hard work, dedication, family importance, respect…and the list goes on. Without two sets of strong devoted parents we wouldn’t be half the people we are today. They instilled so much good within us and we are forever indebted to each of them. We are thankful for our parents; Shawn, Paula, Dan, and Juli! Love you!!!

Day Three: We are thankful for our friend Nick who was able to drive up and visit with us all morning. Only to be followed by our friends Ken and Julia inviting us over for an enjoyable afternoon and dinner at their place. Even though we are living on hospital grounds in a foreign town to both us, good people seem to find us! We are thankful for all the new friends we have made within these last 6 months and all our friends who continue to brighten our days.

Day Four: We are thankful to have the opportunity to go on a week-long kayaking trip, starting Sunday the 4th ending Sunday the 11th. We will have long days of working hard paddling on the water every day but Taylor and I enjoy hard work. Especially when the hard work is rewarded by the beautiful scenery of St. Thomas!! How can we not be thankful for this next week in paradise?

The bags are packed full of:

-Swimming suits

–>We are staying on campgrounds; ALWAYS a new adventure haha
– Three sets of legs

–>His X2s or everyday walking leg
–>His short legs or “house legs”—His short legs allow him to walk on uneven surfaced easier, such as the campground floors or the sandy beaches. This will be Taylor’s first time trying to walk on the sand, something we used to do almost nightly in Virginia Beach.
–>Prosthetic feet properly placed in swimming fins

-Three sets of prosthetic arms
–>His myo-electric
–>One set of arms with a pinlock setting, allowing him to place hand paddles directly to each arm prosthetic
–> Another set of arms designed to hold a regular kayaking paddle

– Chargers for X2 legs and Myo-electric arm
– Wound care supplies
– Lubricates to put on both arms and legs

And the list goes on… The first time away from the hospital we decided with so many essential things to pack we needed a packing check list. We didn’t want to forget the lubricant to put on an arm or a leg, the liners that go between the prosthetic and skin, or wound care items crucial for keeping the skin viable and health. Or worse yet we didn’t want to forget a leg or an arm. Although the list is not needed as much as the beginning, we still use it as one last check before zipping up the luggage. Fingers crossed we didn’t forget anything this time… If we did then to figure out a way to make it work because we are out of here for a week of kayaking in St. Thomas!!



  1. Be safe y’all and be blessed. Enjoy! 😀

  2. John and Nichole Dubuisson says:

    I hope you guys have a blast this week and enjoy the beautiful outdoors… I look forward to seeing you blog when your done of how much fun you guys had, ESP Taylor, since he loves this stuff.. Enjoy and be safe.. GOD BLESS…

  3. I’m smiling & tearing up too…this is wonderful news to hear! Enjoy every minute of every day you are gone 🙂 Love and support from Oregon!

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