Have You Seen My Friend Taylor Walk?

Posted: 23rd August 2012 by in Journal

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Tim Dodd came home from his visit with Taylor, bearing gifts! Take a look for yourself! MUST SEE

[note: it’s been 4 HOURS since he’s posted this blog and it’s already had 1,356 shares, 1739 likes, and 120 comments. Can you say VIRAL????]




  1. I’m speechless, and I am not surprised. Though I am busily involved volunteering for our local VFWs in Livermore and Pleasanton, and husband and I members of Pleasanton Military Families getting ready for EASTBAY STANDDOWN at Camp Parks, and my only child, 22-yr-old son 4-yr Coast Guardian, I am thoroughly humbled by reading today, through one of our PMF mom members, about Taylor and Danielle, who they are, what they have been through and stand united completely in a solid foundation together which represents what encompassing REAL LOVE is all about. I will pass their tremendously courageous enduring story magnificently recorded by Tim Dodd’s brilliant stirring photography to all I know and come to know. I would be honored to make Taylor a Purple Heart stained glass window. God bless you all.

  2. JAN kittle's mother says:

    Dear Taylor — I am overwhelmed seeing you standing with our flag draped around you.
    I’m glad u can’t see me right now with liquid love (tears) going down my face.
    I’m so thankful, grateful that u r doing so good – along with a million others.
    I am such a believer and so you know whom I am praising “all he day long”.
    You have been thru so much – only u really know — but your story has been
    told a 100 times by everyone that has read about you — so think about what
    “a holy line” you have!!!!
    Bless you unceaseingly Taylor and your loved one and loved ones — Amen – lugene

  3. Terri McNeal says:

    Great article..I love love love the photography!

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