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Sevenly is an organization that shares weekly fundraising causes online through fundraising via social media sources. Last week, they were rasing money to support the families of fallen soldiers and have shared our story to promote this event! Watch this video below and feel free to donate to their cause! We will be working with Sevenly in the future on some projects, be on the look out! This week they are shinning a light on kids who have autism and are drawing awareness in hopes that they raise enough funds to offer families grant programs that help kids with autism reach their full potential 🙂 I love when good people bring awareness to those in need.


Sevenly Social Media: Twitter / Facebook



  1. Lois marie Ross says:

    Congratulations on getting so much done so quickly. Now take some time to relax and enjoy. Love and best wishes to you both.

  2. Cait Needham says:

    Yeah Sevenly is a good organization. I usually go to the TAPS National Seminar every year, but I couldn’t go this year. Hopefully I’ll get there next year. I’d like to go to Walter Reed and see how I can help there. I figure Robb always took care of his troops, and if I can do the same I think he would love it. Someday. Thanks for posting this.

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