Gait Lab

Posted: 26th March 2013 by in Journal

-- Download Gait Lab as PDF --

Now that Taylor has learned a majority of the basics it is time to fine tune everything. We have been using the zero gravity treadmill to adjust Taylor’s form while walking. Our goal is to have a nice, smooth gait with little to no limp. The ultimate goal: to be able to throw on a pair of jeans, walk down a crowded sidewalk, and leave everyone clueless to the armor underneath the jeans.

Another system used at the hospital to measure your form is the gait lab. The gait lab is a room designed to film and measure your every move down to the millimeter.

Today in the gait lab Taylor walked down the “run way” testing the difference in his stride as he was wearing different combinations of arm prosthetics. Visibly I could see there was little difference between wearing both arms or just his right prosthetic but once he took off both arm prosthetics you see the dramatic limp and dip with each step. Taylor said he agreed, without any arms he felt a lot more unsteady.

We should get the statistical numbers back tomorrow but the hypothesis pre-gait lab testing was that he should walk most natural with both arm prosthetics. I think they want him to start wearing his left arm and their thought process is if they prove he walks best while wearing both arms then he will be more motivated. We will see what the data yields and if the outcome changes Taylor’s mind about the functionality of the left body powered arm.



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