Friends to the Rescue

Posted: 28th April 2014 by in Journal

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Taylor and I are two of the luckiest, most blessed people out there.  We have friends that are willing to let us fly them out here, spend the weekend with them, and then offer to drive one of our vehicles back to Iowa.

Our plan once we were released from the hospital was, Taylor would drive the van home while I would drive the jeep home with a uhaul trailer behind.   We would stop at the same gas stations and food spots but Taylor and I were planning to make the 17 hour cross-country drive from Maryland to Iowa separate in order to get both vehicles and all of our stuff back home with us.
Thank God for good friends!  Instead of dreading that 17 hour car ride separated in two vehicles.  We were able to look forward to spending the weekend with friends that are awesome enough to help us drive one vehicle back.  Now our two friends will drive the van together to Iowa.  And once we get the final go ahead Taylor and I can drive the jeep back to Iowa together!  It all worked out 🙂

Through the weekend we went to a bee farm, tore it up on some Segways, went to Dave and Busters to get in touch with our youthfulness, and just hung out!!  Blessed to be surrounded by so many awesome friends!photo 1 photo 1

photo 5

photo 3 photo 3 photo 2

photo 5

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