Flight delay was a blessing in disguise

Posted: 20th December 2012 by in Journal

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When Taylor was cleared to put his prosthetic legs back on, he tried on the pre-surgery sockets. The amount of pain and wobbly foundation honestly scared him. We thought that we were going to have to start at ground zero; learning how to walk and building endurance from the beginning.


We knew the surgery visibly changed the shape of his nubs so we were going to get new sockets made to fit the enhanced post-surgical nubs as soon as we could. Man, I know we were bummed about our plane being delayed a day due to the blizzard conditions going through Iowa but it all worked out for the best. One day is all we needed to finish the cast process for new sockets. It was a game changer once Taylor tried on his the sockets! He went on and one about how good they felt. How they felt better than before his surgery and reemphasized how scary the pain was when he tried on the old sockets. It is good that we were able to figure out the source of the pain and have enough time to get sockets made in order to take home with us. I know if we hadn’t had time to get new socket, we would have taken the legs with the old sockets, pushed through the pain, and probably ended up hurting the legs. Our prosthesis said if we tried to use the old sockets we would have for sure returned to the hospital with skin break down, bruised legs and probably bones, and would have had to take even more time off the legs. So I guess the delay in our flight was a blessing in disguise.
But no more delays…tomorrow morning we are going home to Iowa!!



  1. Bryan Chesters says:

    Merry Christmas Taylor & Danielle!!! You are both a constant source of inspiration! Happy New Year to you & your families! Cheers. Bryan

  2. Sharon Weinberg says:

    Wishing you a joyous Christmas filled with love and laughter and special times with family and friends. God bless you both! You two inspire us daily.

  3. Terri McNeal says:

    Happy Holidays Danielle and Taylor!

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