Family above all!!

Posted: 30th November 2014 by in Journal
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We had a fun holiday weekend! Surrounded by lots of yummy food, happy family and friends!  Although we miss all of jour hospital and military friends/family, we wouldn’t trade being back home for big celebrations like this and all the small memories in-between.  Nothing will ever be able to replace family and solid friends! This time of the year really makes you think about everything you have to be grateful for!  Its not about the all the little stressors of the daily wind and grind…. it you have your health and your loved ones around you then you are honestly the richest of rich!!

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On Friday we decorated my parents house for Christmas!Look at this little handsome elf!


On Saturday we went down to Iowa City to watch my little brother wrestle!  Im so proud of him and all his hard work!



Tomorrow marks the start of the Advent Calendar!  Taylor and I have a ton of fun with this every year and we are really looking forward to starting it up again!  This year, I will fill the odd numbered days for Taylor and he will fill the even numbered days for me.  Let the Christmas festivities begin!




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